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12 Low-Cost Business Ideas with Minimal Startup Expenses

Aspiring entrepreneurs have no doubt that they want to start their own business. Many of them, however, just aren’t sure what kind of business to start. Maybe their passions and skills can be applied to a multitude of business ideas. Maybe they can imagine themselves succeeding at each one. Well, one of the most practical […]

Restaurant owner giving customer credit card machine for payment - credit card receivables financing

Credit Card Receivables Financing : 25 Things To Know

Are you looking for a quick way to deal with short-term cash flow issues? If so, one option to help your small business access cash quickly is to get credit card receivables financing.  Credit card receivables financing gives business owners cash immediately based on their day-to-day credit card sales.  Today’s small businesses, like their predecessors, […]

10 Entrepreneur Movies Every Business Owner Needs To See

10 Entrepreneur Movies Every Business Owner Needs To See

There’s a very fine line between a good entrepreneur movie and a great entrepreneur movie. The latter group consists of tales that are so epic, intense, and heart-wrenching that they are widely viewed as some of the greatest movies of all time. Memorable movies take you on a wild ride, and there is no ride […]

The Best Accounting Methods for Small Businesses: How Do They Work?

Many small business owners possess basic knowledge at best when it comes to accounting. They are generally familiar with basic accounting terms, and they only keep tabs on the most important financial metrics, like cash flow and profitability. What these business owners don’t give much attention to, however, is the accounting method they use. Little […]

Writing a Business Proposal: The Step-By-Step Guide

B2B and B2C companies share the same general objective: convincing potential customers to give them their business. The specific actions involved in this process, however, differ tremendously between the two. B2C companies usually don’t have to take any actions outside of marketing themselves. There’s no special procedure required for the acquisition of new customers. For […]

9 Things to Know About Small Business Auto Financing

Small Business Auto Financing: 9 Things to Know

Are you looking for a new vehicle to use for business in 2020? If so, there are a few things you should know. You’ll find choosing a vehicle and getting small business auto financing works a bit differently than getting new wheels exclusively for your personal use.  Keep these nine things in mind before signing […]

The Ultimate Guide To Merchant Services For Small Businesses

New entrepreneurs are often caught off guard by the realities of running a small business. They might discover that certain aspects of their day-to-day operations are much more complicated than they originally thought. Perhaps the best example is merchant services, or the way businesses accept and process different payment methods. To your customer, this seems […]

Learn about the 15 common invoice factoring mistakes you don't want to make

Invoice Factoring Mistakes: 15 Common Errors You Don’t Want to Make

Does your business struggle with uneven cash flow? If so, you’ve probably looked into invoice factoring. Whether it’s customers who take forever to pay their bills, difficulties meeting payroll obligations, or missed opportunities to bid on bigger jobs because you lack the cash for supplies, invoice factoring offers a fast, flexible, and low-risk solution – […]

Jared Weitz Shares How Business Financing Needs To Change In New Forbes Piece

Despite vast improvements in the business financing industry, many business owners still have a difficult time finding the best products for their needs. It’s up to companies like United Capital Source to make themselves more accessible to their ideal customer and present their rates, terms and fees with the utmost clarity. In this new piece […]

Jared Weitz & United Capital Source Featured on

Jared Weitz Explains How To Connect With Your Audience In New Inc. Piece

Knowledge gaps between businesses and customers can make it difficult to relate to your target audience. When designing marketing materials, you cannot simply ask yourself, “Well, would I click on this?” But knowledge gaps don’t have to stop you from viewing your industry or products from another perspective. In this new piece for Inc., United […]