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15 Historically Successful Small Town Business Ideas

Many people prefer to visit or live in small towns instead of big cities. Why? In most cases, it’s because small towns are known for their uniquely charming collection of small businesses. Their products, workers, and atmosphere reflect the town’s personality. After all, these businesses wouldn’t be so successful if they didn’t suit the preferences […]

22 Free Tools for Starting and Growing Your Small Business

Some small business owners view the Internet as a blessing, while others view it as more of a curse. Odds are, much of former group attributes their perspective to the incredible amount of free online tools for small businesses. These tools can help you advertise your business, communicate with your team, manage your finances, and […]

12 Essential Tools for Small Business Productivity

12 Essential Tools for Small Business Productivity

Regardless of the customers you attract or the products you deliver, the foundation of every small business is its employees. Your workforce is what differentiates your company from its competitors, and, when used correctly, can be the crucial element that makes you the forerunner in your industry. While the strength of your organization comes from […]

Jared Weitz Talks Customer Service Issues In Finance In New Forbes Piece

Finance firms often struggle with customer service, which suggests that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Different types of clients have different preferences, and it’s difficult to provide the right mix of advanced technology and person-to-person service. Clients also place tremendous value on trust, due to the sensitivity of the information at hand. In […]

Small Business Branding: How To Establish Your Business’s Brand Identity

Branding is among the most misunderstood concepts in the small business world. Many confuse the act of branding with spreading brand awareness, even though the two are extremely different. And you can’t have the latter without the former. All aspiring entrepreneurs should familiarize themselves with branding because it’s nearly impossible to get a business off […]

6 ways to compete with large corp

6 Simple Ways Your Business Can Compete With Large Corporations

With the holidays swiftly approaching, consumers are beginning to flock to online retailers for presents, party supplies, and everyday purchases. If you own a small business, this increase in traffic can be a goldmine for your profits, especially if you sell online. To see all of those profits for your small business, though, you need […]

Niche Markets: What Are They And How Do You Find Them?

Aspiring entrepreneurs often test the validity of their business ideas by asking themselves a number of questions. One of the most popular is “Does the idea target a niche market?” This question is essentially asking if the business’s target market fulfills three qualities: large in size, substantially specific, and untapped, or yet to be effectively […]

Why bad credit could be hurting your business bottom line

Why Bad Credit Could Be Impacting Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, one of your earliest goals should be to improve your bottom line, that is, the amount of profit you are bringing in at the end of each business year. The more your business is able to earn, the more it will be able to grow and therefore earn more. At the […]

Encore Entrepreneurs: 5 Steps to Starting a Business After Retirement

Today’s young adults have grown dissatisfied with the conventional career path. Unlike previous generations, they don’t seek the stability of working traditional hours at the same place for decades on end. To them, this lifestyle seems boring, unfulfilled, and void of passion. Many older individuals feel the same way about retirement. Rather than keeping the […]

Jared Weitz Explains Why Businesses Are Always Cash-Strapped In New Forbes Piece

Year after year, many entrepreneurs run into the same financial issues. The plethora of articles explaining the need for substantial working capital apparently cannot stop entrepreneurs from making ill-fated decisions. These articles, however, only focus on the end result, as opposed to the logic behind these decisions. In this new piece for Forbes, United Capital […]