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SBA Form 1919: The Essential Guide

SBA loan requests are notorious for the rigorous application process. The SBA examines your business financials and looks at the character and background of all principals in the business.

SBA Form 1919, “Borrower Information Form,” is a significant part of that process. The SBA uses the form to collect information about your business, the loan request, ownership, criminal background (if any),

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How To Calculate The Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

The cost of goods sold is an inventory valuation method to determine the exact inventory costs of the products you sell during a specific period. The cost of goods sold is sometimes referred to as the “cost of sales” or abbreviated by its acronym, COGS.

Any business selling physical inventory needs to determine COGS, but it primarily impacts retail and manufacturing

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What Is EBITDA?: The Essential Guide

EBITDA is a business analysis metric used to evaluate a company’s financial health and long-term profitability. The acronym stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. It helps accounting professionals understand the effects of a company’s capital structure on the bottom line.

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Net Revenue vs. Net Income: The Essential Guide

Your net revenue reporting gives you a solid understanding of your sales efficiency. Your net income tells you how much profit you make. Understanding both metrics is essential to assess your company and identify where you’re strong and where you can improve.

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SIC & NAICS Code Lookup: The Essential Guide

The main difference between the two is that SIC codes are for domestic purposes and NAICS codes apply to US, Canada, and Mexico businesses. We should note that other countries, such as the UK, also adopted SIC codes.

SIC codes are four digits, while NAICS codes are six digits. NAICS codes were developed to replace the former, but as so many

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