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3 Stressful Things You No Longer Have To Do To Get A Small Business Loan

Most of the changes that took place in the business lending industry had the same goal: To make the application and repayment processes less complicated. It is now much, much easier for a smaller business to obtain and repay a small business loan. Certain difficulties, however, may never fade completely. One example is the act […]

Jared Weitz Gives His Take On Investing In Single Stocks In New Forbes Piece!

With a stock market surge supposedly on the horizon, many investors are likely to pour big money into single stocks. This behavior is particularly common for investors looking to make up for recent losses. But while this may be the right time to make massive investments, it is never wise to act if you don’t […]

How To Spend Small Business Loans For Your Cosmetics Store 

The increasing dominance of ecommerce has triggered a wave of panic throughout the retail industry. Revenue has declined for many department stores and small businesses, especially those who sell mainly to millennials. Some retailers, however, have managed to not only stay vital but actually benefit from the impact of technology on consumers. One example is […]

Jared Weitz Talks Avoiding Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes In New Forbes Piece

Mistakes are a natural part of starting a business. And yet more people than ever are pursuing entrepreneurship. One possible explanation is that thanks to the Internet, successful entrepreneurs can easily share their experiences with young business owners. In this new piece for Forbes, UCS CEO Jared Weitz and other entrepreneurs discuss how to avoid […]

3 Reasons To Consider A Merchant Cash Advance For Your Beauty Salon

When a business owner dismisses the idea of small business loans altogether, it’s usually because of a myth about business financing. These myths don’t just pertain to small business loans. One says that any business with strong revenue or profits should therefore have no trouble maintaining strong cash flow. This suggests that when it comes […]

4 Unknown Benefits Of Small Business Loans From Alternative Business Lenders

People who aren’t so sure about small business loans usually weigh out the pros and cons before making a decision. This is arguably the hardest part about taking out a small business loan altogether. Depending on the business lender you are looking to work with, the pros and cons might not be exactly clear. Yes, […]

Jared Weitz Reveals Why Small Businesses Can Compete With Anyone In New Forbes Piece!

The fact that so many small businesses are able to steer customers away from industry giants is nothing short of remarkable. After all, bigger businesses can offer prices, selections and certain conveniences that small businesses cannot. But the structure of small businesses gives them an advantage that big businesses will never be able to match. […]

4 Things Auto Repair Shops Need To Know About Accounts Receivable Factoring

The amazing service provided by auto shops becomes significantly more amazing when you consider the industry’s chaotic business cycle. They don’t get paid until their customers pick up their cars, no matter how long a certain project may take. The majority of their customers pay with debit or credit cards, which could extend the business […]

5 Key Differences Between Business Term Loans And Working Capital Loans

One of the earliest steps on the journey for additional business funding is exploring all of your options. Potential borrowers should determine which types of small business loans have traditionally worked best for their industries. Nowadays, however, the answer isn’t so clear-cut. You might have gotten wind of your competitors finding success with a variety […]

Why You Should Pursue Working Capital Loans Before Expanding Your Retail Store

Retail is one of several industries that is often stereotyped as being difficult to grow. Banks have traditionally been less-than-generous to retailers looking for business loans. While this stereotype is undeniably unfair and unwarranted, there is some truth to the notion that retail stores are increasingly likely to run into trouble as they expand. Radio […]