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Credit Card Merchant Services (2020): The Essential Guide

New entrepreneurs are often caught off guard by the realities of running a small business. They might discover that certain aspects of their day-to-day operations are much more complicated than they initially thought. Perhaps the best example is merchant services, or the way businesses accept and process different payment methods. To your customer, this seems […]

A sybolic photo of Mount Rushmore to signify Small Business Regulations

Small Business Regulations (2020): The Essential Guide

On top of their numerous day-to-day responsibilities, business owners must consistently make sure to remain in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. These legal requirements affect all businesses and can quickly become one of the most stressful aspects of entrepreneurship. But you cannot open or continue running your business without fulfilling the necessary regulations, […]

A remote employee working from home

Work From Home 101: A Guide For Small Businesses (2020)

Although remote work may have once only been possible for large or global enterprises, small businesses today are often just as privy to flexible, at-home work benefits as the much larger organizations in their industry. According to Owl Labs, smaller companies are twice as likely to hire full-time remote workers, as these employees can help drive down overhead costs like electricity and renting out office space.

A business owner who has a great FICO SBSS Score just got a great deal on a business loan

What Is The FICO SBSS Score? (2020): The Essential Guide

The biggest misconception many small business owners have about business credit is that they have a business credit profile. What’s more, of those business owners that are aware and mindful of their business credit, many of them have likely never heard of the FICO SBSS Score, or FICO Small Business Scoring Service.

A business owner calculating their APR on their Small Business Loan

What Is An APR? (2020): The Comprehensive Guide

APR, which stands for “annual percentage rate,” makes it very easy to compare the costs of different business loans or credit cards. The need to calculate APR stems from the fact that in addition to interest or factor rates, most business loans have multiple fees. This can include loan origination fees, document preparation fees, processing fees, credit check fees, etc. Financial institutions often advertise low interest rates without disclosing the accompanying costs.

A convenience store that has a dba and is doing business as another name besides their corporation name

What Is A DBA? (2020): The Comprehensive Guide

If you’re the owner of a new business, you may have heard about filing what is known as a “DBA,” which stands for “Doing Business As.” This legal term can be compared to “LLC” or “S-Corp” because it refers to yet another form of registration for businesses. Unless you’re a lawyer, you’ve probably never heard of a DBA before. Take a number. But depending on your state, city, county, or type of business, you may be legally required to file a DBA.

A business owner looking at the UCC filing the lender put on his business for a small business loan

What Is A UCC Filing? (2020): The Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we’ll explain what a UCC filing is, why you need to be familiar with a UCC filing, and when you will most likely get your first experience with one.

Firefighters putting out a fire for a business that has small business insurance

Small Business Insurance (2020): The Essential Guide

No business owner wants to think about property damage and legal claims. They already have enough to worry about. And how many companies have had to use their business insurance? Well, for those that did, the decision to purchase the right insurance package likely prevented their companies from going under.

business bankruptcy books on a bookshelf

Small Business Bankruptcy (2020): The Essential Guide

If you were to ask a group of business owners about their worst nightmare, most of them would probably say “filing for bankruptcy.” Few words in the business world carry this much dread. Many believe that having no choice but to file for business bankruptcy confirms that you’ve officially hit rock bottom. It means your business has failed, and the fact that you now have a bankruptcy on your record will change your personal and professional life forever.

An image of someone holding an umbrella to signify Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance (2020): The Essential Guide

Most small businesses do what they can to ensure momentum. A series of wins can snowball your company from startup to local celebrity status in a heartbeat, after all. Professional growth and development lean on one central element: forward motion. If something threatens your professional advancement, such as a high-dollar liability claim, your company could […]