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New Study Shows What Separates Fast And Slow Growing Small Businesses 

A logical first step in growing a small business is figuring out what differentiates your most successful competitors from those who remain stagnant. Skeptics will tell you this is a waste of time since it’s pretty obvious what separates the two: money. Let’s pretend you had access to a similar amount of capital as the […]

Election Aftermath: How Will it Affect Your Small Business Loan?

On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, with a narrow victory over Hillary Clinton. Now, in the aftermath, there has been a great deal of concern and turmoil as the stock market has fluctuated wildly, leaving small business owners wondering how this could affect their finances.

How Your Small Business Will Be Affected By A Hillary Clinton Ticket

30-40 million voters make up the Small Business voting block, and every candidate knows this. The presidential candidates have been bringing up benefits for Small Business a lot, as well as attacking their competition on their proposed policies.

What A Trump Presidency Could Mean For A Small Business (For Now)

Here is an unbiased look at some major (and not so major) ways that Donald Trump’s policies could change how people run their small business.

UCS Recognized As One Of The Fastest Growing Small Businesses In NYC

We are excited to announce that United Capital Source recently received recognition as one of the 29 fastest growing small businesses in New York City by The Farm! The Farm is a co-working space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees who work remotely. It’s an affordable option for all types of workers to stay productive in […]

UCS Fuels Small Businesses With Loans Totaling Half A Billion Dollars

It’s often said that small business fuels the American economy. Even politicians say so, despite it being true.

White House Focus On Minority-Owned Business Funding

The question of fairness and equality in minorities who run businesses and applying for a small business loans has been an issue that many small business funding companies would rather not face. Recently, an article in the Investor’s Business Daily states that “the White House complains minority-owned firms don’t have the same access to credit as others”.

What Marcus Lemonis Taught Us About Vulnerabilities

Vinny Pappalardo, Partner of United Capital Source, attended the Inc. 5000 Conference held in Orlando last month. In August 2015, United Capital Source was selected in the 2015 Inc. 5000 Honorees List.

Business Line Of Credit More Popular

As reported in the Post Bulletin, “The Federal Reserve reported earlier this month that consumer borrowing in the United States is at a record level of $3.47 trillion.”

National Veterans Small Business Week

United Capital Source is proud to support the Veterans Small Business Week as promoted by the US Small Business Administration (SBA).