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What is Invoice Factoring?: The Essential Guide

Some businesses wait weeks between providing goods and services and getting paid, known as selling on credit. When a business sells on credit, it issues an invoice to the company that owes the money and adds it as a journal entry in accounts receivable.

While the business is waiting for that money to come in, bills and expenses keep coming. Sometimes

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Semi-Truck Financing: Best Lenders & How to Apply

Investing in a tractor-trailer (aka semi-truck, big rig, 18-wheeler, etc.) is a major expense, but one that could yield high revenue. Whether you’re an independent owner-operator or own a freight business, most truckers don’t have the available liquid capital to purchase a new or used truck directly.

Most small business owners turn to financing options to fund a commercial truck acquisition.

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Supply Chain Disruption - Causes and Mitigation

Supply Chain Disruption: Causes & Mitigation Strategies

You’re probably tired of everyone using the recent pandemic as a topic for global supply chains. We’ve also seen a lot of recent sources that talk about COVID-19. Tell you what, we’ll touch on it briefly and focus deeply on the topic of supply chains and what you can do as a business. So, buckle up!

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Business Grants: The Essential Guide | UPDATE: COVID-19 Aid

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has millions of small businesses on their last legs. Virtually all industries have been affected since they can’t serve customers when the entire US has been ordered to stay at home. The logical solution to an unexpected loss in revenue is a small business loan or business line of credit. But many traditional and non-traditional lenders

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