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Jared Weitz Gives His Take On Investing In Single Stocks In New Forbes Piece!

With a stock market surge supposedly on the horizon, many investors are likely to pour big money into single stocks. This behavior is particularly common for investors looking to make up for recent losses. But while this may be the right time to make massive investments, it is never wise to act if you don’t […]

Jared Weitz Talks Avoiding Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes In New Forbes Piece

Mistakes are a natural part of starting a business. And yet more people than ever are pursuing entrepreneurship. One possible explanation is that thanks to the Internet, successful entrepreneurs can easily share their experiences with young business owners. In this new piece for Forbes, UCS CEO Jared Weitz and other entrepreneurs discuss how to avoid […]

Jared Weitz Reveals Why Small Businesses Can Compete With Anyone In New Forbes Piece!

The fact that so many small businesses are able to steer customers away from industry giants is nothing short of remarkable. After all, bigger businesses can offer prices, selections and certain conveniences that small businesses cannot. But the structure of small businesses gives them an advantage that big businesses will never be able to match. […]

Jared Weitz Outlines How To Pick The Right 401(k) Plan In New Forbes Piece

A 401(k) has long been viewed as an integral way to attract qualified candidates, maintain loyalty and provide security once they retire. But not all 401(k) plans are created equal. Picking the wrong one could do your company more harm than good. Thankfully, like any business-related endeavor, you can avoid wasting money and upsetting employees […]

Jared Weitz Explains How To Know If You Should Sell Your Business In New Forbes Piece!

It’s unfortunately common for people to walk away unhappy after selling their businesses. In most cases, they didn’t take enough time to make sure this was the right move and/or sold for the wrong reasons. You can avoid either scenario by addressing a short series of concerns related to valuation, the state of your business […]

UCS’s Jared Weitz Debunks Myths About Managing Wealth In New Forbes Piece

The allure of wealth often makes aspiring millionaires lose touch with reality. They forget what it really takes to get rich and how unbelievably difficult it is to stay that way. But at United Capital Source, one of our top priorities is being 100% truthful with our clients. In this new piece for Forbes, our […]

UCS CEO Jared Weitz Selected As Co-Chair Of The SBFA Broker Council

NEW YORK, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The Small Business Finance Association (SFBA) on 5/14/18 announced the launch of a new initiative called the SFBA Broker Council dedicated to bringing together responsible brokers that serve small businesses to focus on creating best practices. The Council has selected Jared Weitz, founder & CEO of United Capital […]

New Study Shows What Separates Fast And Slow Growing Small Businesses 

A logical first step in growing a small business is figuring out what differentiates your most successful competitors from those who remain stagnant. Skeptics will tell you this is a waste of time since it’s pretty obvious what separates the two: money. Let’s pretend you had access to a similar amount of capital as the […]

Report Shows Which Marketing Efforts Are Working And Failing For Small Businesses

Marketing doesn’t have the best reputation in the eyes of small businesses. At first, it seems business owners have far more reasons to avoid investing in marketing than to move forward with a promising strategy. Most small businesses are short on the necessary resources, and it only makes sense not to spend money on something […]

New Report Shows Which Small Businesses Are Most Likely To Apply For And Receive Funding

The numbers are in: Younger business owners are most likely to apply for small business loans but older business owners are most likely to be approved and receive funding.