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New Study Shows What Separates Fast And Slow Growing Small Businesses 

A logical first step in growing a small business is figuring out what differentiates your most successful competitors from those who remain stagnant. Skeptics will tell you this is a waste of time since it’s pretty obvious what separates the two: money. Let’s pretend you had access to a similar amount of capital as the […]

Report Shows Which Marketing Efforts Are Working And Failing For Small Businesses

Marketing doesn’t have the best reputation in the eyes of small businesses. At first, it seems business owners have far more reasons to avoid investing in marketing than to move forward with a promising strategy. Most small businesses are short on the necessary resources, and it only makes sense not to spend money on something […]

New Report Shows Which Small Businesses Are Most Likely To Apply For And Receive Funding

The numbers are in: Younger business owners are most likely to apply for small business loans but older business owners are most likely to be approved and receive funding.

Top 4 Industries That Are Most Likely To Be Denied Small Business Loans

Traditional small business lenders are notorious for discriminating against certain industries when it comes to approving and rejecting small business loans. This is usually because these industries are wrongfully perceived as risky, illegitimate and financially unstable. However, anyone who works in one such industry knows that their business is extremely profitable and would have no trouble paying off a sizable business loan.

These Are The Most Popular Investments For Small Businesses In The US

Anyone searching for optimism in 2017 should look no further than small businesses around the US. A Survey was conducted last year to gauge how small businesses are planning to expand, and the results found that small business owners are far more confident in their future than the year before.

Election Aftermath: How Will it Affect Your Small Business Loan?

On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, with a narrow victory over Hillary Clinton. Now, in the aftermath, there has been a great deal of concern and turmoil as the stock market has fluctuated wildly, leaving small business owners wondering how this could affect their finances.

The 7 Fastest Growing Small Business Industries In 2016

I know, I know, just like the Christmas decorations in Target, it seems too early to be creating a “best of 2016” list. However, unlike the Christmas decoration in Target, getting this list early can be extremely helpful to your business in 2017.

How Your Small Business Will Be Affected By A Hillary Clinton Ticket

30-40 million voters make up the Small Business voting block, and every candidate knows this. The presidential candidates have been bringing up benefits for Small Business a lot, as well as attacking their competition on their proposed policies.

What A Trump Presidency Could Mean For A Small Business (For Now)

Here is an unbiased look at some major (and not so major) ways that Donald Trump’s policies could change how people run their small business.

UCS Fuels Small Businesses With Loans Totaling Half A Billion Dollars

It’s often said that small business fuels the American economy. Even politicians say so, despite it being true.