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How The Coronavirus Will Affect Small Business Lending

UCS CEO Jared Weitz Explains Coronavirus Effects On Business Loans

In 2011, I started United Capital Source with the mission of helping entrepreneurs grow and stabilize their businesses. Anyone who has worked with us knows that our support isn’t just limited to business loans and other funding solutions. At UCS, we take great pride in guiding entrepreneurs through tough times. Even when it seems like […]

Jared Weitz Offers Three Tips For Choosing Business Loans In New Forbes Piece

Nowadays, business leaders have so many options for business loans that picking the right one can seem nearly impossible. How are they supposed to figure out which financial institutions offer the best products for their needs? Unfortunately, this is a question that cannot be answered by simply browsing a few websites. In this new piece […]

Jared Weitz Shares Common Mistakes When Hiring Remote In New Forbes Piece

Business leaders might assume that when on-boarding remote workers, they don’t have to go through any of the motions associated with traditional full-time employees. Instead, the remote worker is immediately thrown into day-today operations. But this can actually defeat a major purpose of remote workers, which is streamlining productivity. In this new piece for Forbes, […]

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Jared Weitz Reveals The Most Relevant Workplace Skills For 2020 In New Inc Piece

Workforce culture is currently in the midst of a dramatic change. The growing prevalence of advanced technology will increase the need for skills that only human beings can possess. And with remote work becoming more popular, skills related to teamwork will be what keeps companies together. In this new piece for Inc., United Capital Source […]

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Jared Weitz Explains How To Build Company Culture In New Inc. Piece

Contrary to popular belief, building company culture isn’t as simple as offering unique perks or holding meetings about core values. It takes a lot more effort on behalf of the business leader. Employees cannot be expected to adhere to company culture if their leader does not outwardly exhibit the business’s core values each day. In […]

Jared Weitz Shares How Business Financing Needs To Change In New Forbes Piece

Despite vast improvements in the business financing industry, many business owners still have a difficult time finding the best products for their needs. It’s up to companies like United Capital Source to make themselves more accessible to their ideal customer and present their rates, terms and fees with the utmost clarity. In this new piece […]

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Jared Weitz Explains How To Connect With Your Audience In New Inc. Piece

Knowledge gaps between businesses and customers can make it difficult to relate to your target audience. When designing marketing materials, you cannot simply ask yourself, “Well, would I click on this?” But knowledge gaps don’t have to stop you from viewing your industry or products from another perspective. In this new piece for Inc., United […]

Jared Weitz Explains How To Capitalize On Data In New Forbes Piece

Companies that prioritize data have a major competitive advantage. They can quickly determine which digital strategies aren’t working before they eat up too much money, and see which metrics need the most improvement in order to reach their goals. But far too many companies don’t look at the right numbers, likely because they aren’t aware […]

Jared Weitz Reveals Why Consumer Trends Favor Small Businesses In New Forbes Piece

Today’s consumers expect more from businesses. They ask more questions and want to feel valued when making life-changing purchases. While big businesses might struggle to fulfill these needs, smaller businesses are better equipped to give each individual customer the treatment they deserve. In this new piece for Forbes, United Capital Source CEO Jared Weitz explains […]

Jared Weitz Talks Customer Service Issues In Finance In New Forbes Piece

Finance firms often struggle with customer service, which suggests that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Different types of clients have different preferences, and it’s difficult to provide the right mix of advanced technology and person-to-person service. Clients also place tremendous value on trust, due to the sensitivity of the information at hand. In […]