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5 Things To Think About Before Pursuing Equipment Financing

Your small business has found itself in an extremely common predicament. You are in need of a very expensive piece of equipment but cannot afford to pay the full, upfront cost for a brand new model. As an experienced entrepreneur, you are well-aware that there are several ways you could go about obtaining this new […]

5 Metrics To Know If You Are Interested In Accounts Receivable Factoring

If you are having trouble paying regular expenses, stabilizing profits or putting money away, think about potential culprits. You may very well conclude that the only plausible answer is how long it takes some of your customers to pay you in full. Accounts receivable factoring was created for cash flow problems that stem from elongated […]

Business Credit: 5 Things You Need To Know

You’ve probably seen at least a few online articles about the countless business owners who misunderstand business credit. They give the impression that business credit is complicated. But when you look up the definition, it actually seems rather simple. For the most part, business credit is a reflection of your business’s ability to pay its […]

4 Ways Working Capital Loans Can Prepare Your Retail Store For The Holidays

For many retailers, the busiest time of the year is the holiday season. Busy periods are all about preparation. The more time you spend preparing for a surge in demand and the resulting curve balls, the higher the likelihood of a strong performance. This is why some of the most successful retailers begin preparing for […]

3 Tips For Young Businesses Considering Small Business Loans

One of the many differences between banks and alternative business lenders is that the latter doesn’t only work with well-established businesses. At United Capital Source, we fund businesses that have been open for a mere six months, compared to a year for most other online lenders. Business lenders do this so they can work with […]

3 Hard Truths For Anyone Who Dismisses Small Business Loans

Business owners who frequently work with business lenders tend to have at least one common quality: pragmatism. They take a realistic and practical approach to their industry and financial health. As you can imagine, the opposite approach is more common in business owners who dismiss small business loans altogether, or don’t consider debt financing until […]

Choosing Between A Merchant Cash Advance Or Business Line Of Credit For Your Hotel

A big reason hotels are so difficult to run is the myriad internal and external factors that can effect their finances. Most of these factors are out of the hotel’s control and don’t get any easier to avoid year after year. Negative reviews, unpredictable weather, changes in demand, and broken facilities are just a few […]

4 Things Medical Practices Should Know About Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts receivable factoring can be extremely advantageous for medical practices. For some doctor’s offices, this type of working capital loan is vital for staying current on bills and payroll. There will always be invoices and patient deductibles that do not get paid in time for you to cover regular business expenses. Insurance providers and patients […]

3 Universal Obstacles You Can Overcome With Small Business Loans

A frequently emphasized advantage of working with an alternative business lender (as opposed to a bank) is the availability of “long-term” solutions. This refers to small business loans that do not attempt to put a band-aid on a broken limb. Instead, the business lender works closely with the client to improve his or her business […]

Have You Been Declined By Square Capital?

Since entering the business lending industry in 2014, Square Capital has become a popular financing tool for small businesses. This isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the rapid rise of other online business lenders. Much like Kabbage and PayPal, Square Capital offers just one program: the Square Capital Flex Loan. Despite the flashy […]