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4 Reasons To Regularly Check Your Small Business Financials

The advice of one successful entrepreneur might differ greatly from the advice of another. One tip every successful entrepreneur will agree on, however, is regularly monitoring your finances. The value of this routine is regurgitated in just about every online article you see about spending or business growth. When you read the same thing over […]

3 Ways A Business Cash Advance Can Help Your Retail Business Save Money

When asked about the first steps towards obtaining a small business loan, most business lenders will agree that you should begin by asking yourself a question: What is the true reason you are thinking about applying? If you intend to make the best use of the borrowed funds, your answer will not be singular. While […]

Highlights From Jared Weitz’s Speech At DeBanked Conference In San Diego

Last May, The Small Business Finance Association announced the creation of the SFBA Broker Council. To quote PR newswire, this new initiative aims to bring together “responsible brokers that serve small businesses to focus on creating best practices.” Among the 3 co-chairs selected to lead the SFBA Broker Council was none other than United Capital […]

Here’s Everything You Need To Do If You’re Considering A Small Business Loan

You’re ready to begin your journey for a small business loan, but there’s one problem: Every online article you read about what to do says something different. Should you start by compiling financial documents, researching requirements, or contacting potential business lenders? You’ve already done something right by wanting to be prepared. The more time you […]

3 Dangerous Assumptions To Make When Growing Your Small Business

When looking at the mistakes of failed small businesses, each business’s demise appears to have at least one thing in common. It turns out that the mistakes they made weren’t related to simply going about something the wrong way. They’d didn’t choose the “wrong” marketing strategy, release the “wrong” product, or invest in the “wrong” […]

3 Ways Accounts Receivable Factoring Can Strengthen Your Wholesale Business

If your wholesale business is in need of additional working capital, accounts receivable factoring may very well be the sensible solution you’ve been looking for. Compared to more traditional business small business loans, accounts receivable factoring carries less risk, more flexibility, and more accessibility. As long as your business is profitable and collecting invoice payments, […]

3 Common Reasons So Many Small Businesses Fail

One of the most baffling paradoxes about small business owners is their tendency to continuously make the same mistakes, despite all their hard work and passion. Even the most motivated and financially-prepared business owners can unknowingly drive their businesses to failure. Fortunately, an increasing amount of new business owners becoming more aware of these mistakes, […]

How To Decide Which Business Lender Is Right For You

One of the main reasons applying for a small business loan is seen as such a confusing, stressful process is the fact that every business lender is different. It’s not uncommon for a borrower to have to speak with multiple business lenders before being approved. After figuring out which type of small business loan makes […]

How To Create A Business Plan For A Small Business Loan

If you intend to take out a small business loan from a bank, one of the primary requirements is a business plan. Preparing this 12 to 15-page plan could very well be the most tedious part of the entire small business loan process, including repayment. In this guide, we’ll break down everything your bank will […]

4 Dangerous Business Mistakes You Can Avoid With Small Business Loans

Business owners who are contemplating whether or not to pursue small business loans are often encouraged to ask themselves a number of questions. The point of this is to consider the alternative: What would happen if you chose not to apply? It’s easy to answer this question when you are taking out a small business […]