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3 Ways To Stabilize Fluctuating Income For Your Small Business

No small business ends every month on a high note. There are good months and not so good months, even for the most successful small businesses. Fluctuating income is inevitable, not to mention a natural outcome of growth-related initiatives. But settling for fluctuating income can cause disruptions in cash flow that are so extreme that […]

Important Takeaways From US Chamber Of Commerce’s Small Business Index

About three months ago, the US Chamber of Commerce and MetLife released their Small Business Index. This quarterly survey contains self-reported answers from 1,000 small business owners across the US. The first paragraph states that approximately 70% of small business owners “have a positive outlook about their company” and the small business world in general. […]

Not Enough Funding From Your Local Bank? Here’s What To Do

You may have noticed that banks have begun making their business loan products more competitive. In previous decades, virtually every bank loan required mountains of paperwork as well as collateral. Applicants had to wait several months to be approved and possibly even longer to receive funding. But over the past few years, an increasing amount […]

Comparing Traditional Business Lenders and Online Business Lenders

When business lenders talk about the “transformation” or “evolution” of their industry, they are mostly referring to the rise of online business lenders. It sometimes seems like a new online business lender pops up every day. They typically offer the same programs as traditional business lenders (banks, credit unions) but with one or two major […]

3 Potential Culprits For Your Wholesale Business’s Cash Flow Problems

When most businesses experience cash flow problems, the instinctual reaction is to focus on increasing sales. This seems logical, since the issue is rooted in the absence of cash and more sales should bring in more money to fill in the gap. But in the wholesale industry, insufficient revenue is far from the only potential […]

3 Reasons Today’s Small Business Loans Are (And Should Be) More Accessible

It’s rare for an entire industry to experience what can rightfully be referred to as a “transformation.” Well, the business financing industry is one of the few exceptions to this rule. More and more sources of small business loans are appearing and growing every day. Virtually every member of the new wave of business lenders […]

3 Possible Reasons Your Invoices Are Not Being Paid On Time

For many industries, late invoices are easily the most annoying and hazardous parts of the job. It often seems like there’s literally nothing you can do to ensure that all of your future clients/customers send payments on time. As luck would have it, a great deal of businesses that revolve around invoices are naturally prone […]

4 Tips For Managing Your Medical Practice’s Cash Flow In 2019

Most medical practices tend to suffer from the same challenges, all of which are related to operational costs. It seems that every year, physicians, dentists and other medical professionals are faced with higher expenses and an increasingly unstable cash flow system. In order to pay their bills and maintain the necessary resources for serving patients, […]

Meeting Common Challenges For Beauty Salons With Small Business Loans

Every industry comes with its own set of risks. Combine these risks with individual circumstances like the business’s age or overall financial health, and you’ve got a frighteningly large list of routes to failure. For many beauty salons, managing cash flow is a perpetually uphill battle. The industry has become increasingly competitive as of late, […]

4 Small Business Tasks To Take Care Of When Everyone Else Is On Vacation

Many small businesses experience a lull in customer activity shortly after the holidays. The slowest point is typically the week between Christmas and New Year’s, largely because it’s such a popular time to go on vacation. But being a successful business owner means being opportunistic, as opposed to taking a break like everyone else. This […]