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Credit Card Merchant Services (2020): The Essential Guide

New entrepreneurs are often caught off guard by the realities of running a small business. They might discover that certain aspects of their day-to-day operations are much more complicated than they initially thought. Perhaps the best example is merchant services, or the way businesses accept and process different payment methods. To your customer, this seems […]

A business owner who has a great FICO SBSS Score just got a great deal on a business loan

What Is The FICO SBSS Score? (2020): The Essential Guide

The biggest misconception many small business owners have about business credit is that they have a business credit profile. What’s more, of those business owners that are aware and mindful of their business credit, many of them have likely never heard of the FICO SBSS Score, or FICO Small Business Scoring Service.

A business owner calculating their APR on their Small Business Loan

What Is An APR? (2020): The Comprehensive Guide

APR, which stands for “annual percentage rate,” makes it very easy to compare the costs of different business loans or credit cards. The need to calculate APR stems from the fact that in addition to interest or factor rates, most business loans have multiple fees. This can include loan origination fees, document preparation fees, processing fees, credit check fees, etc. Financial institutions often advertise low interest rates without disclosing the accompanying costs.

A business owner looking at the UCC filing the lender put on his business for a small business loan

What Is A UCC Filing? (2020): The Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we’ll explain what a UCC filing is, why you need to be familiar with a UCC filing, and when you will most likely get your first experience with one.

business bankruptcy books on a bookshelf

Small Business Bankruptcy (2020): The Essential Guide

If you were to ask a group of business owners about their worst nightmare, most of them would probably say “filing for bankruptcy.” Few words in the business world carry this much dread. Many believe that having no choice but to file for business bankruptcy confirms that you’ve officially hit rock bottom. It means your business has failed, and the fact that you now have a bankruptcy on your record will change your personal and professional life forever.

A photo of u.s. government buildings that represent government contracts

Government Contracts For Business (2020): The Essential Guide

For many small businesses, the key to growth and stability is signing that one, game-changing deal with a substantial client. They just have to know where to look for the most lucrative opportunities. Unfortunately, business owners tend to disregard a considerable source of revenue for smaller businesses altogether. Believe it or not, the United States […]

a group of business owners reviewing the avilable small business grants

Business Grants (2020): The Essential Guide | UPDATE: COVID-19 Aid

This research would yield a plethora of coronavirus grants offered by the federal government, state governments, local governments, and private companies. And unlike traditional business grants, the following grants are not extremely difficult to qualify for.

Business owner calculating multiple business valuation methods

Business Valuation Methods (2020): The Essential Guide

It’s essential to know your business’s value for multiple reasons. You’ll likely need to present this figure when speaking to investors and financial institutions. If you sell your business, you must make sure to offer an appropriate price. When reaching out for media coverage, attaching an impressive valuation to your business will significantly increase your […]

A business owner calculating their asset turnover ratio

Asset Turnover Ratio Formula (2020): The Essential Guide

The success of your small business largely depends on your management of working capital. But working capital doesn’t just mean cash. By definition, the term working capital refers to all assets currently available for covering business expenses or operational costs. In other words, it’s not how much cash you have that matters. It’s the value […]

a warehouse that has used asset-based lending to finance the business

Asset-Based Lending (2020): The Comprehensive Guide

With asset-based lending, the lender doesn’t base its decision primarily on your business’s financial health or personal credit score. It’s your business’s most valuable assets that will ultimately determine the fate of your application.