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Have You Been Declined By BlueVine? Here's What To Do

Have You Been Declined By BlueVine? Here’s What To Do

Few online business lenders are as highly regarded as BlueVine. If you were to research BlueVine’s products, you’d quickly be greeted by a plethora of glowing reviews, and for good reason. For starters, BlueVine offers virtually all of the advantages you’d expect from a reputable online lender. Their products are easily accessible for younger, smaller […]

Restaurant owner giving customer credit card machine for payment - credit card receivables financing

Credit Card Receivables Financing : 25 Things To Know

Are you looking for a quick way to deal with short-term cash flow issues? If so, one option to help your small business access cash quickly is to get credit card receivables financing.  Credit card receivables financing gives business owners cash immediately based on their day-to-day credit card sales.  Today’s small businesses, like their predecessors, […]

9 Things to Know About Small Business Auto Financing

Small Business Auto Financing: 9 Things to Know

Are you looking for a new vehicle to use for business in 2020? If so, there are a few things you should know. You’ll find choosing a vehicle and getting small business auto financing works a bit differently than getting new wheels exclusively for your personal use.  Keep these nine things in mind before signing […]

The Ultimate Guide To Merchant Services For Small Businesses

New entrepreneurs are often caught off guard by the realities of running a small business. Many aspects of the day-to-day routine are discovered to be much more complicated than the average person would think. Perhaps the best example is merchant services, or the way the business accepts and processes different payment methods. To your customer, […]

Learn about the 15 common invoice factoring mistakes you don't want to make

Invoice Factoring Mistakes: 15 Common Errors You Don’t Want to Make

Does your business struggle with uneven cash flow? If so, you’ve probably looked into invoice factoring. Whether it’s customers who take forever to pay their bills, difficulties meeting payroll obligations, or missed opportunities to bid on bigger jobs because you lack the cash for supplies, invoice factoring offers a fast, flexible, and low-risk solution – […]

Why bad credit could be hurting your business bottom line

Why Bad Credit Could Be Impacting Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, one of your earliest goals should be to improve your bottom line, that is, the amount of profit you are bringing in at the end of each business year. The more your business is able to earn, the more it will be able to grow and therefore earn more. At the […]

Encore Entrepreneurs: 5 Steps to Starting a Business After Retirement

Today’s young adults have grown dissatisfied with the conventional career path. Unlike previous generations, they don’t seek the stability of working traditional hours at the same place for decades on end. To them, this lifestyle seems boring, unfulfilled, and void of passion. Many older individuals feel the same way about retirement. Rather than keeping the […]

How To Find And Bid On Government Contracts For Small Businesses

For many small businesses, the key to growth and stability is signing that one, game-changing deal with a large client. They just have to know where to look for the most lucrative opportunities. Unfortunately, business owners tend to completely disregard a massive source of revenue for smaller businesses. Believe it or not, the United States […]

How Much Do Entrepreneurs Make And How Is Their Salary Calculated?

As much as entrepreneurs love their careers, most would admit that it’s a lot harder than it looks. The life of an entrepreneur differs tremendously from the average employee. It requires many sacrifices, like working tirelessly for very little in return. People tend to associate entrepreneurs with vast wealth. What they don’t know is that […]

The 7 Most Common Business Loan Scams and How to Avoid Them

The business financing industry has grown dramatically over the past decade or so. Business owners now have many more options to choose from when searching for the right business loan for their circumstances. Online and alternative business financing companies frequently work with business owners who cannot meet the requirements of traditional options. But this influx […]