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Saving Your Hotel With Credit Card Factoring

Prior to the emergence of alternative business financing, you couldn’t blame a hotel for not pursuing small business loans. The terms and approval process of traditional bank loans are not exactly convenient for the financial cycle of the hospitality industry. Most hotels experience extreme seasonality, and therefore cannot afford to make fixed, monthly payments during […]

How To Get A Bad Credit Business Loan For Your Beauty Salon

Prior to the emergence of alternative business financing, small business loans were nearly an impossibility for applicants with bad credit. A less than perfect score was a surefire recipe for rejection, even with strong sales. But these days are long gone, largely because it eventually became clear that bad credit was not an indication of […]

3 Ways To Improve Access To Small Business Loans For Women

United Capital Source is proud to be directly involved in the global movement to eliminate gender discrimination. Up until the rise of alternative business financing, the lending industry was notorious for its bias against women. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t know many female business owners, it’s probably because women have a much, much […]

Benefits Of Accounts Receivable Factoring For Construction Contractors

It’s rare to come across a construction company that has more than enough money to finance each of its upcoming projects one-by-one. If you do, that company may very well not be around for too much longer. Because in this chaotic industry, it often seems that having enough money to easily finance your projects means […]

United Capital Source Makes List Of Top Financial Blogs For Small Businesses!

Fit Small Business is one of the most popular and reputable online publications for small businesses. Each year, the site compiles a list of the top blogs that discuss various, in-depth elements of business growth and financial management. United Capital Source is proud to announce our inclusion on this year’s list.  Read why Fit Small […]

3 Advantages Of Using A Merchant Cash Advance For Your Auto Repair Shop 

If you were asked to name a business that does a lot of credit or debit card sales, your first answer would likely be a restaurant or retail store. These businesses conduct many sales on a daily basis, and would therefore be perfect candidates for a merchant cash advance. This is a type of working […]

When Working Capital Loans Make Sense For Landscaping Companies

Achieving sustainable growth is particularly challenging for landscaping companies. They are constantly caught off-guard by problems they didn’t experience early on. Starting a landscaping business is not easy but, compared to similar industries, you don’t need a lot of money to get your feet off the ground, and there aren’t as many educational or licensing […]

Which Is Best For My Retail Store: Business Line of Credit Or Merchant Cash Advance?

Traditional business lenders are notorious for discriminating against certain industries for different reasons. Applicants for small business loans are frequently rejected solely because of the unique challenges of their industries. These challenges have led to otherwise thriving industries being unfairly stereotyped as “risky” or “low-growth.” One example is retail, which presents a host of different […]

Applying Accounts Receivable Factoring To Equipment And Furniture Wholesalers

Life for equipment and furniture wholesalers is a double-edged sword. While recent advancements have made certain elements of their work significantly easier, the industry has simultaneously become increasingly chaotic. One difficulty goes away, only to see another take its place. But wholesalers are no strangers to ups and downs, especially when it comes to cash […]

3 Reasons Your Dental Practice Could Use A Merchant Cash Advance In 2018

The relationship between dentists and their patients has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. And this is a good thing. In the past, you could argue that there was no connection between the two parties at all. Dentists steered clear of the strategies that more conventional businesses used to keep customers and attract […]