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What Is The Small Business Fairness Act And Why Should You Care?

Among our most important responsibilities here at United Capital Source is exposing and eliminating the myriad unfair practices of certain business lenders. Though the business financing industry has improved dramatically, many business lenders are still manipulating small business owners into perilous agreements. Their goal is not to help borrowers but profit off their inability to […]

United Capital Source Gives Back For The Holidays

United Capital Source’s history with charitable causes runs deep. Since 2012, we’ve been making regular donations to several charities, especially during the holidays. Giving back serves as a reminder as to why UCS was founded in the first place: to help hard-working business owners provide for their families. Supplying the tools to build businesses ultimately […]

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Jared Weitz Talks Startup Characteristics That Are No Longer Acceptable In New Inc. Piece

Many successful startups lacked certain characteristics of an established business in their early stages. This does not mean, however, that today’s small business leaders should assume that their employees will also have no issue with meager accommodations. Failing to take on these characteristics will make it very difficult for the business to recruit and maintain […]

Jared Weitz Explains Why Hard Working Teams Lose Motivation In New Forbes Piece

The many challenges faced by small businesses make it difficult for their teams to maintain motivation. Even the most dedicated and hard-working teams might suddenly begin to question the point of their sacrifices. The first step to eliminating this massive mental roadblock is to identify the cause. In this new piece for Forbes, UCS CEO […]

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Jared Weitz Reveals The Major Impact Of Minor Business Perks In New Inc. Piece

When people think of business perks, they usually think of the outrageous privileges pioneered by tech giants. But for many employees, these aren’t the perks they value most. Seemingly minor conveniences can actually be the main reasons your top employees are not seeking greener pastures. In this new piece for Inc., UCS CEO Jared Weitz […]

Jared Weitz Shows Small Business Leaders How To Attract Top Talent In New Forbes Piece

Hiring is often a challenge for small businesses that cannot offer the salaries or perks of their larger competitors. But small businesses can offer an experience and level of attention that candidates will only find at a similarly sized operation. It’s safe to say that are the advantages small business leaders should emphasize when courting […]

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Jared Weitz Reveals Three Major Oddities Of The Small Business World In New Inc. Piece

When you begin working for a small business, you soon realize that the laws of logic and reason often do not apply. Decisions don’t seem to make sense, business partners have grossly unrealistic expectations, and your workload isn’t exactly what your job description entailed. It’s safe to say that the lengths small businesses have to […]

Highlights From Jared Weitz’s Speech At DeBanked Conference In San Diego

Last May, The Small Business Finance Association announced the creation of the SFBA Broker Council. To quote PR newswire, this new initiative aims to bring together “responsible brokers that serve small businesses to focus on creating best practices.” Among the 3 co-chairs selected to lead the SFBA Broker Council was none other than United Capital […]

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Jared Weitz Explains How To Prevent Unnecessary Employee Anxiety In New Inc Piece

A common dilemma of business leaders is making employees feel just the right amount of anxiety about their work. The goal is to make sure they are aware of short-term goals but are not burdened by unnecessary fear. Establishing this perfect balance is not easy, especially if you are also worried about employees not taking […]

UCS CEO Jared Weitz To Speak At Networking & Speed Mentoring Event Tonight

Many legendary entrepreneurs attribute their success to networking abilities and the guidance of a mentor. Tonight, 10/9, TMA NYC and Business Mentor NY will be hosting a free event where entrepreneurs can network and learn  and get advice from successful business owners. One of the speakers is none other than United Capital Source CEO Jared […]