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Jared Weitz Reveals Why Employees Lose Interest In Their Work In New Forbes Piece

Different employees have different reactions to work-related experiences. What draws a casual shrug from one employee might sap every ounce of motivation from another. Recognizing the potential effects of these experiences will help you understand why certain employees don’t seem to care about pleasing their customers or superiors. In this new piece for Forbes, UCS […]

Jared Weitz Shares 3 Vital Skills That Initially Don’t Feel Like Skills In New Forbes Piece

Many successful people would likely admit that when they were younger, their most important skills did not feel like skills at all. As they advanced their careers, however, they realized that it wasn’t just knowledge or talent that made them good at their jobs. What initially appeared to be “common sense” or “acting naturally” turned […]

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Jared Weitz Shares Advice For New Small Business Employees In New Inc. Piece

The unique environment of a small business can be alarming for someone who has only worked for larger companies. New employees may be so uncomfortable that they start to question whether this is the right place for them. Understanding the advantages of this new dynamic, however, will reveal an amazing opportunity for personal growth that […]

Jared Weitz Lists Business Strengths That Can Turn Into Weaknesses In New Forbes Piece

Small businesses are often caught off guard by how difficult it is to grow. When they examine what could be impeding their progress, it might not occur to them that the culprit is a management or business development tactic that was previously viewed as a strong point. What seems like a major advantage early on […]

Jared Weitz Talks Business Trends That Aren’t Always Necessary In New Forbes Piece

The popularity of certain business tools or strategies suggests that they are mandatory for any business that wishes to stay relevant. But many businesses are able to grow by simply continuing to use the resources that have proven to work best for their audience or industry. They are wise to not give into the pressures […]

Valentine’s Day Donation From UCS Sends 10 Girls To School For A Year

Two issues that are very close to our hearts here at UCS are charity and equality. We are always striving to help the less fortunate and give women the same opportunities for success as men. So, it’s no surprise that we were drawn to the remarkable efforts of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). In impoverished […]

United Capital Source Named Top Small Business Broker By

At United Capital Source, a key tenet of our business model is always putting the customer first. While other business financing institutions view their customers as nothing more than a set of numbers, we treat our customers like human beings and take a genuine interest in their businesses. This allows us to recommend the best […]

How The Government Shutdown Is Affecting SBA Loans

As of today, the United States government has been partially shut down for 25 days. Most federal agencies are either short-staffed or almost completely inactive. Among the latter is the Small Business Administration (SBA), which usually distributes approximately 200 business loans and 120 commercial property loans per day. That comes out to around $200 million […]

Jared Weitz Talks Old School Management Tactics That Don’t Work In New Forbes Piece

A popular recipe for small business failure is a business leader who is stuck in the past. Rather than adapting to current standards, these business leaders believe that the management tactics that worked in the past are just as effective today. But times have changed, and resorting to such practices is now more likely to […]

Jared Weitz Shares How To Be Confident About Your Business’s Future In New Forbes Piece

The future can be an unnerving thought for many small businesses. Their leaders might not be sure what state their industries will be in, or whether they’ll be able to keep coming up with effective strategies. But if you remain knowledgeable about the right subject areas, no technological advancement will prevent you from staying competitive. […]