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LegalZoom Review: Pros, Cons & Sign-Up Process

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LegalZoom offers various online legal services and products, such as business formation, estate planning, and intellectual property protection. When you have a legal question or need to start a new business, LegalZoom provides straightforward online tools and resources.

For instance, LegalZoom furnishes step-by-step guidance and document preparation services if you’re considering forming an LLC or trademarking your business name. The platform’s user-friendly approach contrasts with the complexities often associated with legal processes.

Whether it’s information on pricing or support for your questions, LegalZoom aims to streamline the journey from inquiry to resolution. However, is it the right solution for your business needs?

This review explores how LegalZoom works for small business owners, including the benefits, drawbacks, and registration process. Specifically, we’ll answer these questions and more:

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    What is LegalZoom?

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    LegalZoom is a well-established online platform that provides legal services such as preparing various legal documents, assisting with estate planning, helping with trademark registration, and offering access to professional attorney help. This wide range of services caters to the diverse legal needs of individuals and businesses, making it a convenient one-stop solution for all things legal.

    The legal services company offers everything from creating essential legal documents like wills, contracts, and business formation paperwork to seeking expert advice from licensed attorneys. For instance, if someone wants to start their own business but doesn’t know how to form it legally, they can turn to the service provider for assistance in navigating this complex process without breaking the bank.

    Accessibility and Affordability

    One of the standout features of LegalZoom is its accessibility and affordability. Unlike traditional legal services that often come with hefty price tags, LegalZoom offers an accessible way for individuals and businesses to address their legal matters without draining their finances. This means that people who may not have been able to afford traditional attorney fees now have an option.

    Consider someone who wants to protect their intellectual property by registering a trademark for their unique brand name or logo. Traditionally, this process would involve significant financial investment due to attorney fees and administrative costs. However, through LegalZoom’s platform, individuals can initiate the trademark registration process at a fraction of the cost while ensuring proper protection for their creations.

    Simplification of Complex Processes

    In essence, what sets LegalZoom apart is its mission: simplifying complex legal processes that are often intimidating or overwhelming for many people. The platform aims to demystify intricate legal procedures by providing user-friendly tools and resources that guide users through each step clearly and understandably.

    For example:

    • When someone needs specific legal forms but isn’t sure where or how to obtain them.
    • When an individual requires comprehensive estate planning tools but doesn’t have prior knowledge about these matters.
    • When entrepreneurs seek guidance on protecting their trademarks but lack experience in dealing with intellectual property laws. LegalZoom steps in as a reliable source where users can find solutions explicitly tailored toward addressing these challenges efficiently.

    How does LegalZoom work?

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    LegalZoom offers a wide range of services to assist with various legal needs. Examples include:

    • Business formation services.
    • Trademark registration.
    • Will and living trust creation.
    • Power of attorney.
    • LLC and corporation formation.
    • Real estate leases.
    • Copyright registration.
    • Divorce and separation documents.

    Customers can access attorney help through LegalZoom’s Legal Protect Plan or opt for specific legal services, such as estate planning and trademark registration, to address their legal needs.

    The platform simplifies the process of obtaining legal assistance by providing easy-to-use online tools and resources for creating legal forms and documents. This includes guidance on operating agreements and business formation. For instance, if you need to create a will, you can use their online tool to input your details and preferences, then have the document reviewed by an attorney before finalizing.

    LegalZoom also offers support for those looking to establish businesses. Through its user-friendly interface, individuals can navigate the complexities of forming a company without extensive knowledge of the intricate legal requirements.

    Online Tools

    One of the key aspects that sets LegalZoom apart is its provision of easy-to-use online tools for creating various types of legal documents. These tools are designed so individuals with minimal understanding of complex legal jargon can efficiently prepare the necessary paperwork.

    For example:

    • If someone wants to register a trademark for their business logo or name, they don’t have to go through the hassle of deciphering complicated government forms; instead, they can utilize LegalZoom’s straightforward process.
    • Similarly, when setting up an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or corporation, users are guided through each step seamlessly using intuitive prompts provided by LegalZoom’s platform.

    The availability of these resources significantly reduces barriers associated with acquiring professional assistance from attorneys while ensuring that important documentation is completed accurately and efficiently.

    Attorney Assistance

    In addition to self-service options on its platform, LegalZoom provides access to professional attorneys who offer tailored guidance based on individual circumstances.

    For example:

    • Those requiring guidance in estate planning receive personalized attention from experienced lawyers specializing in this area.
    • Individuals seeking advice related to business formations get expert insights into structuring companies according to specific requirements within their respective industries.

    By offering both self-service features alongside attorney consultations, LegalZoom caters comprehensively to diverse customer needs, ensuring accessibility regardless of one’s familiarity with law-related procedures.

    Mobile App

    LegalZoom’s mobile app allows users to access legal advice and estate planning tools on the go. With the app, users can easily create and manage legal documents, connect with attorneys for legal advice, and access unlimited cloud storage for securely storing important documents. This feature allows users to have peace of mind knowing that their essential legal documents are safely backed up and accessible whenever they need them.

    What do businesses use LegalZoom for?

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    Here are some of the most common business uses of LegalZoom.

    Business Formation

    Business owners turn to LegalZoom for a variety of legal services, particularly for business formation. This includes registering a business name, creating essential legal documents, and addressing various legal needs related to starting a new business. For instance, when entrepreneurs want to establish their companies as formal entities, they can utilize the platform’s resources to navigate the process efficiently.

    For example, if someone wants to start a company called Garden Delights, they would use LegalZoom to ensure that this name is available and then register it as their official business name. Once the business has been registered with this unique name, the platform assists in generating all necessary legal documentation required for operating under this new entity.

    Trademark Registration

    Another valuable service offered by LegalZoom is its trademark registration assistance. By utilizing these services, businesses can protect their intellectual property and establish a unique identity in the market. This means that if an entrepreneur invents or designs something original—such as creating a unique logo or coming up with an innovative product—they can have it legally protected through trademark registration on LegalZoom.

    For instance, if someone creates an original piece of software called TechSavvy and wants exclusive rights over its branding elements like logos or associated slogans, they could seek trademark protection through LegalZoom’s guidance.

    Estate Planning and Legal Advice

    Moreover, many businesses rely on LegalZoom for setting up and managing ongoing legal matters such as estate planning and obtaining general legal advice on various issues that may arise while running a business. The platform serves as an accessible resource where entrepreneurs can address diverse legal challenges without engaging costly attorneys whenever needed.

    Consider how important it is for small businesses who don’t have dedicated legal teams at their disposal: They might require help in drafting wills or establishing trusts regarding their assets; here’s where platforms like LegalZoom come into play—providing affordable access to expert advice without exorbitant lawyer fees.

    What are the costs for LegalZoom services?

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    LegalZoom offers a range of legal services at varying costs. For estate planning, the costs can depend on the specific services needed. For example, a last will and testament package may cost around $89, while a living trust package can range from $249 to $329.

    Additional services such as power of attorney or healthcare directives may be added for an extra fee. It’s important to review the specific details and costs for each service on the LegalZoom website or by contacting their customer service for a personalized quote.

    LLC Formation Packages

    LegalZoom offers several pricing tiers for LLC formation services:

    • Basic: $0 plus state filing fees.
    • Pro: $249 plus state filing fees (includes business licenses).
    • Premium: $299 plus state filing fees (includes registered agent service).

    Doing Business As (DBA) Services

    There are two plans for DBA services:

    • Business Advantage Pro: $99 + state filing fees.
    • Business Advisory Plan: $119 + state filing fees.

    Each plan includes an ongoing subscription of $49/month.

    Corporation Formation Packages

    Here are the available plans for forming a corporation:

    • Economy: $149 + state filing fees.
    • Standard: $329 + state filing fees.
    • Express Gold: $349 + state filing fees.

    How do I sign up for LegalZoom?

    To sign up for LegalZoom as a small business owner, follow these steps:

    1. Start the Process Online: Visit the LegalZoom website to begin the registration process.
    2. Choose Your Business Type: Once on the website, select the type of legal service you need for your small business. LegalZoom offers various services, including business formation, trademarks, copyrights, etc.
    3. Select Your Service: Select the specific service you require after choosing your business type. For example, click the LLC Formation option if you want to form an LLC.
    4. Answer Questions: LegalZoom will then guide you through a series of questions to gather information about your business and legal needs. Provide accurate and detailed information to ensure the process goes smoothly.
    5. Create an Account: If you don’t already have one, you must create a LegalZoom account. This will allow you to track the progress of your order and access any documents or information related to your legal services.
    6. Review and Pay: Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, review your order and proceed to payment. LegalZoom offers various payment options, so choose the one that works best for you.
    7. Complete the Process: After payment, LegalZoom will begin processing your order. You may need to provide additional information or documentation depending on your selected service. Check your email regularly for any updates or requests from LegalZoom.

    By following these steps, you can quickly sign up for LegalZoom services and gain access to the legal support you need to protect and grow your business.

    What are the benefits of LegalZoom?

    Here are some of the primary advantages of using LegalZoom for your business needs.

    Wide Range of Services

    LegalZoom offers many legal services to meet different needs, including estate planning, preparation of legal documents, and access to professional help for various legal matters. For instance, if you need to create a will or establish a trust for your assets, LegalZoom provides the necessary tools and resources to facilitate this process. This means that individuals who require assistance with estate planning can rely on the platform’s expertise and guidance.

    The platform also caters to those seeking help with other legal matters by offering attorney help and support in preparing essential legal forms. Whether creating contracts or handling business-related documentation, LegalZoom provides accessible solutions for these requirements. By offering such a wide array of services, LegalZoom ensures that users can access comprehensive legal support without having to navigate multiple sources.

    Customers benefit from the convenience of accessing all these services in one place instead of seeking out individual lawyers or firms for each specific need. This centralized approach simplifies the often complex process of addressing diverse legal concerns.

    Affordable Access Through Legal Protect Plan

    One notable benefit is the availability of affordable access through LegalZoom’s Legal Protect Plan. This plan enables customers to obtain professional legal advice and protection at an affordable cost. Individuals who subscribe to this plan gain peace of mind knowing they have reliable access to expert guidance when dealing with various legal issues.

    For example, if someone encounters unexpected challenges related to their small business or requires assistance navigating contract disputes, having access to affordable attorney help through the Legal Protect Plan can be invaluable. It is a safety net during unpredictable situations where professional intervention becomes crucial.

    Exceptional Customer Support

    Another significant advantage is the exceptional customer support by LegalZoom representatives. Users consistently report receiving great assistance when navigating the platform’s interface and understanding associated fees for different services offered by LegalZoom.

    This level of customer support contributes significantly towards ensuring that users feel comfortable engaging with various features on the platform without feeling overwhelmed or confused about their options. By providing clear explanations regarding fees tied up with specific legal services while guiding users through any uncertainties they may encounter during their experience on the site, LegalZoom demonstrates its commitment to providing quality service and fostering trust between itself and its clients.

    What are the drawbacks of LegalZoom?

    You should be aware of the potential disadvantages of using LegalZoom.

    Limited Attorney Help

    LegalZoom offers legal services that may not provide the level of personalized legal advice and support individuals with complex legal needs require. While they have resources for basic legal forms, such as wills and trademarks, those with more complicated requirements might need to seek additional assistance elsewhere.

    For instance, someone looking for comprehensive estate planning or intricate business contracts may find LegalZoom’s offerings insufficient. In these cases, consulting an actual attorney who can offer tailored guidance and expertise would be more beneficial.

    It’s important to recognize that while LegalZoom provides valuable tools for simple matters, it might not be the ideal solution for those needing in-depth legal counsel.

    Additional Fees

    Customers should be aware of potential additional fees when using LegalZoom for their legal documents and filing. Although the platform offers accessible options for creating various types of legal paperwork at a lower cost compared to traditional law firms, there are instances where extra charges can accumulate.

    For example, expedited processing or specific document revisions could add expenses beyond the initial service fee. Understanding these potential supplementary costs is crucial in managing expectations and budgeting effectively when utilizing LegalZoom’s services.

    It’s essential to weigh the convenience and affordability against possible unforeseen expenditures before committing to this platform for your legal needs.

    Customer Support Challenges

    Some users have reported difficulty reaching customer support when seeking assistance with critical legal matters, which can be frustrating. Prompt access to reliable customer service is vital when dealing with sensitive issues like legally binding agreements or ensuring compliance with regulations.

    While many customers appreciate the user-friendly interface and straightforward process offered by LegalZoom, encountering obstacles when resolving inquiries or concerns regarding their documents can hinder progress and cause unnecessary stress.

    LegalZoom Pros & Cons

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    • Convenient and easy-to-use platform for legal document creation.
    • Affordable pricing for various legal services.
    • Access to a wide range of legal forms and documents.
    • Option to consult with an attorney for additional guidance.
    • User-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance for document creation.


    • Limited customization options for legal documents.
    • Some users may prefer direct interaction with a lawyer for more complex legal matters.
    • The quality of legal advice may vary depending on the attorney consulted.
    • Additional fees may apply for certain services or consultations.
    • Not suitable for highly specialized or unique legal needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Here are the most common questions about using LegalZoom.

    Is LegalZoom legit?

    Yes, LegalZoom is a legitimate platform to access specific legal processes quickly and easily. It is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited with an A+ rating. It’s also a verified company on Trustpilot.

    Is LegalZoom worth it for my small business?

    LegalZoom can be a convenient option for small businesses, especially for routine legal tasks like forming an LLC or drafting basic contracts. However, for more complex legal needs, consulting with a specialized attorney might provide better long-term value.

    When shouldn’t you use LegalZoom?

    While LegalZoom offers convenience and cost savings, it may not provide the personalized legal advice that some situations require. For complex legal matters or unique circumstances, consulting directly with an attorney could ensure that your specific needs are properly addressed.

    Is LegalZoom secure?

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    LegalZoom takes security seriously and employs various measures to protect customer data. They use encryption technology to safeguard sensitive information and have robust privacy policies. However, as with any online platform handling personal data, it’s advisable to review their security protocols before proceeding.

    What is an LZC?

    LZC stands for LegalZip Code, a feature offered by LegalZoom to help users find attorneys in their local area who can assist with specific legal matters. It helps connect individuals and businesses with licensed professionals who can offer tailored guidance based on their geographic location.

    What is a LegalZoom Registered Agent?

    A LegalZoom Registered Agent is a designated individual or company responsible for receiving legal documents and official government notifications on behalf of a business entity. This can include necessary paperwork such as tax forms, legal summons, and other official correspondence.

    The Registered Agent’s primary role is to ensure that the business receives these documents promptly and to act as a point of contact for legal matters. LegalZoom Registered Agent services help businesses fulfill this requirement and stay compliant with state regulations.

    Do LegalZoom documents and contracts hold up in court?

    LegalZoom documents and contracts can hold up in court, but there are a few factors to consider. The validity of a LegalZoom document or contract in court depends on various factors, such as the accuracy of the information provided, the specific laws and regulations in the relevant jurisdiction, and whether the document was properly executed.

    It’s important to note that while LegalZoom provides a convenient and cost-effective way to create legal documents, it’s always a good idea to have an attorney review the document to ensure its legality and enforceability. Additionally, if there are any disputes or challenges to the document, involving a legal professional can help strengthen its validity in court. Ultimately, the enforceability of a LegalZoom document or contract in court will depend on the specific circumstances and the quality of the document itself.

    What do LegalZoom reviews typically focus on?

    LegalZoom has primarily positive reviews. The platform has a 4.63 out of 5 rating on over 6,600 BBB reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 rating on over 3,000 Trustpilot reviews.

    Many users appreciate the ease of use and comprehensive nature of LegalZoom’s offerings, making it one of the go-to platforms for addressing various legal needs efficiently. The positive feedback from satisfied customers underscores the value proposition presented by this online resource for legal support.

    Customers often mention the convenience of accessing services such as estate planning, trademarks, and legal forms. For instance, individuals looking to create a will or establish a trust for their assets can easily do so through LegalZoom’s platform.

    One key aspect highlighted in LegalZoom reviews is the overall customer experience, particularly regarding pricing and customer support. Many users appreciate the transparent pricing structure offered by LegalZoom for its various services. This transparency allows individuals and businesses to plan their budgets accordingly when seeking legal assistance.

    Moreover, customers often commend the efficiency and responsiveness of LegalZoom’s customer support team. Whether it’s addressing inquiries about specific legal documents or providing guidance on navigating the platform’s features, prompt and helpful LegalZoom customer service is frequently cited as a positive aspect in reviews.

    LegalZoom negative reviews often focus on customer service issues, including long wait times for support and difficulty reaching a live representative. Many customers also complain about hidden fees, unexpected charges, and dissatisfaction with the quality of legal documents provided.

    Some users have reported errors in their documents or lack of clarity in the instructions provided. Additionally, there are complaints about the difficulty in canceling services and obtaining refunds. Overall, negative reviews of LegalZoom highlight concerns about customer support, pricing transparency, document accuracy, and the overall user experience.

    What are my alternatives to LegalZoom?

    Individuals have alternatives to using LegalZoom. One option is seeking legal advice directly from an attorney. This involves consulting with a legal professional who can provide personalized guidance and assistance tailored to specific legal needs. Individuals can receive comprehensive advice and support for their unique situations by consulting with an attorney.

    Consulting with an attorney offers the advantage of receiving personalized attention and expertise in navigating complex legal issues. Attorneys can offer tailored solutions, ensuring that all aspects of a person’s legal concerns are thoroughly addressed. By working directly with an attorney, individuals gain access to specialized knowledge and experience that may not be available through online platforms like LegalZoom.

    Engaging the services of an attorney also provides the opportunity for direct communication throughout the entire process. Clients can ask questions, seek clarification, and receive ongoing support as they navigate their legal requirements. This level of personalized interaction can lead to greater peace of mind and confidence in handling various legal matters effectively.

    Exploring Other Online Legal Service Providers

    In addition to seeking assistance from attorneys, individuals looking for alternatives to LegalZoom may explore other online platforms offering similar services. These alternative providers specialize in delivering various types of legal services, including document preparation, estate planning, and general legal guidance.

    By exploring other online options beyond LegalZoom, individuals can compare different service offerings based on their specific needs. They can assess factors such as pricing structures, service features, customer reviews, and overall reputation within the industry before making a decision.

    Alternative online platforms often cater to diverse segments of consumers seeking affordable yet reliable solutions for their legal requirements. Some providers may focus on specific areas, such as small business formation or intellectual property protection. In contrast, others offer comprehensive suites covering various personal and professional legal needs.

    Exploring alternative online providers allows individuals to make informed choices based on their preferences regarding service scope, pricing models, and customer support options.

    LegalZoom alternatives include:

    • Rocket Lawyer.
    • Avvo.
    • Nolo.
    • LegalShield.
    • UpCounsel.

    Making Your Decision

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    So, is LegalZoom the right choice for you? It all boils down to your specific needs and circumstances. LegalZoom might be just the ticket if you’re seeking a convenient and cost-effective way to handle legal matters. However, weighing the pros and cons carefully before deciding is essential.

    In the world of legal services, information is vital. Keep exploring your options, gather insights from others’ experiences, and, most importantly, stay informed.

    Contact us if you have more questions about business formation options or to apply for a small business loan. Our alternative funding experts can help you find the most advantageous financing options to achieve your business goals.

    We will help you grow your small business.

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