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United Capital Source was founded on the principle of giving back to the community that it serves. I wanted to give opportunities to business owners who may have never been granted the means to grow their businesses had they not discovered my company. The way I see it, people who run great businesses should be able to gradually expand to new heights, just like UCS is doing. Helping clients build their businesses helps them build new lives for themselves, their loved ones, and their employees as well.

Among my most memorable accomplishments at UCS was seeing some of my team members rent their first apartments, buy their first homes, and start their families, solely because UCS was able to evolve at such a strong pace.

After six years of funding small business all over the country, UCS is finally able to attain one of our most precious goals: Giving back to families in need. UCS has not only donated to several charities throughout 2016 but will also be sponsoring families so they can have gifts and hearty meals for the holidays.

In the world of alternative business financing, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in your day-to-day responsibilities that you forget why you entered this line of work in the first place. Giving back, however, reminds you of how amazing it feels to know that you made a real difference in someone’s life. Charitable acts also allow the UCS team to remember that despite what their job title might read, they are human beings above all else. It’s important for the UCS team to not forget how much humanity and compassion are involved in everything they do.

Clients of UCS are dedicated to service as well but must devote nearly all of their focus towards financial obligations and living by the bottom-line throughout the year. They only wish they could leave these concerns behind and be as generous as possible to their customers and family members. This dream has become reality because the success of UCS is directly linked to our clients, so we couldn’t have done this without them.

The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region oversees more than 400 funds that support numerous charity organizations. Nonprofit organizations depend on the Community Foundation for grants, advocacy and job training. One of these organizations is The Children’s Fund of the Albany County Department for Children. I’m proud to say that thanks to United Capital Source, the organization was able to purchase presents and meals for five more individuals in need.

Current and potential clients of UCS know firsthand about UCS’s efforts to do all we can to help small businesses succeed by offering programs that help their businesses grow. By taking the same philosophy of doing good business and applying it to our community, I wanted to give these five people a joyous holiday, who otherwise would have struggled through the holidays. I got into this business out of a genuine will to help do good by American small businesses and help those in need. Nothing besides giving back to the less fortunate in our community is anywhere near as fulfilling as seeing a client’s business reach its full potential and bring its owner the rewards they have rightfully earned. We encourage everyone who’s in a position to give to do so not just for the holiday season but also year round.

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday!

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