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The rise of ecommerce has struck fear in the hearts of small business owners all over the world. Websites like Amazon and Etsy can offer prices and selections you simply can’t find at local businesses as well as retail kings. But that doesn’t mean small businesses are necessarily an endangered species. Think about it: Are your customers giving you their business solely because of your prices or selection? For most companies, the answer is no.

Since you cannot compete with ecommerce in these two areas, it only makes sense to invest more time and money in your strengths that no website will ever be able to match. These strengths should therefore be kept in mind the next time you plan on expanding, regardless of whether this involves new hires, marketing campaigns, store renovations, or any major investment on the horizon.

Own Your Space

Many shoppers come to brick and mortar businesses with no intention of actually buying anything at that specific moment. They just like walking around the store, asking staff members about their lives or any new products coming in, and making mental notes of items they might need in the immediate future. Now, imagine how many more shoppers would do this if they knew they could get a decent cup of coffee, listen to music relevant to their demographic, relax in comfortable furniture, or watch a football game as they browse. Ecommerce businesses cannot offer these accommodations, but you can with the help of small business loans courtesy of United Capital Source.

Renovations or remodeling are inevitable for all brick and mortar businesses, and we can provide the means for you to make changes your customers will never forget. Thanks to our innovative approval process, we can distribute working capital loans, merchant cash advance loans (a.k.a credit card processing loans), and business lines of credit the moment your business is in need of a change of scenery. Your customers will notice the moment your store’s furniture and decorations become dull and outdated but United Capital Source’s time sensitive small business loans can ensure your changes will be finished by the time your industry’s busy season rolls around.

Mastering Direct Customer Service

Hiring the right people has become infinitely easier now that business owners have confirmed exactly what to look for in potential candidates, especially if these candidates will be interacting with customers. Rather than hiring based on experience, employers should hire based on attitude, or the capacity to learn. People with this quality tend to excel at customer service, which has long been a weakness of ecommerce sites. Don’t believe me? Give United Capital Source a call, and then try your luck with PayPal. Both companies can supply working capital but the latter option is notoriously difficult to deal with, if you can even get a human being on the phone.

Finding potential candidates of this caliber can take several weeks or even months, since the first people to respond to job ads are typically those with the most experience. But with United Capital Source’s working capital loans and merchant cash advance loans, you could cover your business’s regular expenses while you take your time interviewing and training your new hires. These business funding programs can offset the slowdown in operations that might occur while the business owner is otherwise engaged and cover any expenses associated with the new hire, such as new computer monitors, desk chairs, etc.

Rally Your Community

The “small” in “small business” is essentially just another word for “local.” A steadily-growing amount of shoppers have come to favor local businesses, likely because they are realizing how quickly they can get eaten up by corporate competitors if they don’t maintain a solid customer base. This suggests that local businesses should make a consistent effort to remind customers just how local they are, or how closely they are tied to the rest of the community. You can make this happen by covering your walls with photos of community-related groups, donating to local causes, or participating in local events. Social media accounts can be utilized to advertise these events and post even more photos or shout-outs to members of your community.

No Opponent Is Unbeatable

2017 is the time for small businesses to embrace being small, and that begins with investing in areas that emphasize the benefits of choosing your business over a website. The only way to successfully compete with ecommerce is to attack this industry where it is weak, and you won’t find anyone more qualified to enhance your strengths than United Capital Source. We’ll put the ball back in your court by providing terms that work best for your unique circumstances and financial cycle. In fact, a partnership with United Capital Source could be viewed as yet another strength that cannot be matched by ecommerce. Not only will you be able to receive funding when you need it most but also have access to the most valuable financial advice the lending industry has to offer!


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