Going to the dentist for surgery isn’t on the top of everyone’s list of fun things to do. Yet studies have shown that patient satisfaction with their dentist has improved dramatically in recent years.

As dental hygiene becomes more accessible to all people with a greater range of toothbrushes, liquid mouth washes, and dental floss also becoming more affordable, dentists are providing a greater range of services. 

At United Capital Source, we like to put a smile on our customers faces as well. We successfully completed a finance transaction providing small business loans to a dental surgical clinic in Boston who required their expensive dental x-ray machine to be repaired.

As dental clinics rely on insurance income, cash flow can be effected if dental equipment can’t be operated. To ensure business continuity, our finance team was able to approve the working capital loan within 7 days and the merchant received funds within 10 days from completing the application. This ensure cash flow was consistent as patients scheduled for appointments were not delayed.

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