Small Business Loans for E-Commerce or Internet Sales

In July 2015, the value of Amazon (its market capitalization) surpassed Walmart. With most Americans having purchased a book, flowers, travel, or paid a mobile phone invoice online, e-commerce continues to grow exponentially.

United Capital Source specializes in providing credit card factoring for e-commerce websites generating internet-based sales from customers using credit cards and PayPal. One of our larger clients owns an internet auction website with over 1 million registered users!

As the internet offers unprecedented transparency for buyers looking for merchandise, our clients' ability to maximize profit is directly linked to the speed at which they can purchase inventory.

United Capital Source has funded thousands of merchants who rely on credit card payments. A merchant cash advance loan was given for $250,000 enabled this internet based auction website to purchase goods from manufacturers more readily at prices their competitors were not able to. This ensured a greater product range to be displayed on the auction website and ensured price-based promotions could be optimized during peak buying periods like Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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