Today, store retailers are challenged by unexpected pressures of online trends and e-commerce businesses that go beyond local competitors.

At United Capital Source, we provide retailers with credit card factoring, which can help finance short-term cash flow challenges. Running a retail business requires supplemental cash flow during a slow seasonal period. Getting a business loan against credit card sales will keep your retail business running smoothly.

Our retail clients often have to wait up to 120 days for payment from customers, yet have 30-day accounts payable pressures. This creates a time gap where business financing for retail equipment purchases, in store promotions, payroll, stock inventory and furniture replenishment is essential. Many of our clients are smaller retailers, who in order to compete against ‘big box’ retailers, buy large quantities for the current season as well as the upcoming season – leading to shortage of funds which causes the need for small business loans.

United Capital Source strives to provide business funding within a few business days so you can focus on growing your business and making the purchases you need to keep your retail store competitive on product and price. We have structured our small business loans program so that retailers are able to pay us incrementally based on their sales. We know that retail businesses go through cycles, so we collect less money from them during months when business is slow. We do not turn down customers because of bad credit history and we do not discriminate against smaller businesses.

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