Small Business Loans for Wholesalers

One common problem for wholesalers is when a customer places a large order for bulk products and then cancels itYour business is committed to paying your supplier, but you're stuck scrambling to sell the canceled order at lower volumes and lower prices to get it off your books.

United Capital Source has clients that carry large lots of inventory such as granite stone and clothing with warehouses that undertake significant risk when placing large orders with rock quarries and garment manufacturers. Our clients have faced this problem and require short term business loans to cover cash flow shortages.

Wholesalers typically buy in bulk and often require extra business financing to take advantage of volume purchasing power. Unlike a traditional bank, we can quickly provide you with the financing for stocking up on inventory or the funding you need to get a big discount for a bulk cash buy. We're able to provide you financing within three days, so you don't need to worry about short-term wholesale buying opportunities, or holding onto stock that can’t be sold quickly due to unforeseen circumstances.

We value our relationships with business owners and take pride in creating partnerships that will last. We don't penalize our customers for their credit history and we don't turn down small business loan applications based on the size of your business. 

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