Applying For Small Business Loans With Bad Credit 

We understand that a bad credit history does not make you bad at business. Most of our bad credit clients for whom we have successfully procured a business loan were initially timid about the process of applying. Don't worry, our process is very different from banks and other lending institutions. It's a lot more friendly and far easier to understand.

Before any application forms are completed, our funding managers follow these steps:

  1. Provide a complimentary ’on the spot analysis’ in an open and insightful phone call. You will be able to informally discuss with our funding managers matters regarding your business bank statements, provide commentary around bank deposits and your business operations. (We have financed more than 10,000 small businesses, across hundreds of industries.)
  2. Ask for your business bank statements to be sent to us confidentially before completing any cash flow or application forms.

We are able to provide a straightforward analysis of your business funding eligibility without you having to complete any application forms.

Join the thousands of business owners with bad credit who have avoided unnecessary paperwork and have leveraged the knowledge of our funding management team with ‘pre-approval’ insights. Do not let your bad credit history affect your decision on growing your business with funding from United Capital Source. We are here to help you.

Call us today for a FREE consultation at 855.933.8638 or email us at and allow us to help with your applying for bad credit business loans.