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There’s nothing quite like the taste of your favorite spicy entre. This is something that all restaurant owners love to share with patrons. But what if cash flow begins to make it difficult to keep the restaurant doors open to the public, or worse yet, you cannot pay your talented employees? Restaurant Startup & Growth magazine conducted a study that indicated about 25% of first-year startup restaurants fail in their first year. If you are just getting your restaurant off the ground, you may need to get some extra help with “spicing up” up your financial portfolio.


Just like a recipe for your world famous Chicken A’ la King, it takes quality ingredients and the right recipe to make a restaurant business cash flow all come together into one appealing dish. A stand-alone ingredient just won’t work because it is bland and spoils quickly. If you have been doing the same thing over and over again, and you are continually running into the same cash flow issues, this is the same thing. No restaurant owner envisions financial problems while building their business; they are better at taking care of customers and standing out as the best place to experience unique cuisine.

It is time for a new way of cooking things up. From small business loans and special programs for women-owned enterprises to credit card factoring and receivable factoring, it takes creativity and constantly looking at what’s changing in the financial world of small businesses.

Looking for the right ingredients for a spicier restaurant cash flow? Here’s what’s on the menu.


Every restaurant owner enjoys being generous in portions and hospitality with customers. It’s part of what makes the business so rewarding. Financial worries tied to cash flow issues can take away from this natural desire to make people happy. There are some ways to cut costs and increase profit margins, according to The Restaurant Expert. Additionally, there are some restaurant business loan solutions that creatively solve a lack of cash coming into the restaurant. Whether the restaurant is struggling with late payments or bad credit, there are loan programs available for any restaurant. There are also financial advisors who are more than happy to explain all the options in small business loans, and help with filling out simple forms.


Cash flow problems are not only frustrating, they can put the restaurant into serious risk of shutting down. It’s common for restaurant owners to start taking short cuts to save a little bit of money. When things get tight financially, this can mean not paying for services like pest control or falling behind on vendor payments or even rent. Don’t make these mistakes, because they do lead to poor quality of food, unsafe and unhealthy facilities, and can even cause you to lose your license to stay open as a restaurant business. Prevent cash flow issues with merchant cash advance and receivable factoring programs that put money in your pocket now.


Oh how people love to indulge in a delectable desert! Your restaurant can provide just the right treats for everyone’s sweet tooth by making sure there is plenty of cash around all month long. Small business loans against credit card sales can provide pounds of money, with tiny sprinkles of payments that come out of each POS credit card transaction. It’s less impact on the restaurant and costs are determined by sales. So, go ahead and adjust that belt because you are allowed to enjoy the sweetness of being a small business owner.


You must be strong to survive in the restaurant industry because there is a great deal of competition out there. Cash flow issues can put up roadblocks to long term success because there are too many times when sales are slow and overhead is high. Any small business knows that determination is needed to keep going in a restaurant business, even when business is tough. Small business loans help bring out the best in a restaurant owner as it can provide just the right dash of push needed to stay afloat.  Don’t let anything stand in your way of being known as the best restaurant in town – you’ve got loyal customers to take care of.


It’s fairly common for restaurant owners to lose sleep night after night over financial worries. Where is the money coming to pay for the next shipment of food, to pay employees, or to make those repairs to the kitchen equipment? How will the restaurant pay for marketing when the big chain just moved up the street? And don’t even mention the worries over slipping credit scores. The good news is that a bad credit small business loan can help any restaurant to keep it all together, with low industry interest rates and easy repayment terms. You can rest with peace of mind knowing that you have a handle on cash flow matters by being smart.


Mix all of these spicy ingredients together well as part of an overall healthy financial plan. Flexible terms and the ease in which any restaurant business owner can obtain small business loans help maintain just the right temperature as the recipe bakes. Keep an eye on things with frequent updates and get all your financial questions answered by the United Capital Source team. When the spicy dish is ready, it’s best served hot with the latest in small business loan programs on the side.

Sit down with a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy the sweet success of a cash flow strategy that works better for your restaurant. Get rid of old habits that do not serve the restaurant goals, and start thinking of the next level that the business will take. Maybe a new and improved menu is in order? Or perhaps that expansion or update in the restaurant atmosphere that is long overdue? When cash flow is controlled, there are a million and one spicy ideas that any restaurant owner can dream up.

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