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Owning a restaurant or retail store is particularly frustrating in 2017. Restaurant owners spend their entire careers perfecting their menus and coming up with new items. But the success of certain competitors suggests these efforts might have been for naught. Their food is nowhere near as good as yours, and customers don’t seem to mind the lack of choices.

As for retailers, they make plenty of sales yet still cannot find room to grow. Profits remain stagnant and they are always stuck with leftover inventory, leaving them short of space. The logical solution would be to focus on increasing sales but this strategy has failed to improve cash flow thus far.

In order to level the playing field, restaurants must invest in establishing an identity whereas retailers should get their finances in order with the help of small business funding.

An Example To Remember

Among the most puzzling restaurant success stories as of late is Buffalo Wild Wings. Their signature item is fairly comparable to a frozen supermarket brand and yet Buffalo Wild Wings managed to rake in over $3.6 billion in sales in 2017 while expanding to over 1,145 locations. It’s safe to say food had little if anything to do with these numbers. So, what’s their secret?

Buffalo Wild Wings built their empire by appealing to their target demographic: sports fans. Most of their selections are meant to be consumed while watching sports, which can be done via the many TVs hanging from their walls, even in the bathrooms. The menu is entirely yellow and black (like their logo), and the servers wear uniforms like athletes.

Image Is Everything (Sometimes)

United Capital Source has provided working capital loans and merchant cash advances to hundreds of restaurants that needed to renovate numerous elements of their appearance and advertise their new identity shortly after. Depending on the business funding program that is right for your situation, you could immediately secure the materials or equipment you need the moment you need it, minimizing the damage your sub-par appearance could do to customer activity.

You could also take your making a series of improvements during the slow season so that you are 100% ready for the busy season. With a merchant cash advance, repayment is tied to sales volume so your cash flow won’t see much of a dent until more people than any other time of the year are walking by your location. We know your competition is likely considering a similar strategy, which is why we craft our restaurant business loans to ensure that you are always fully-prepared for the next season, both in terms of equipment and budget.

Location Doesn’t Mean What It Used To

The go-to move for restaurants looking to expand has long been adding locations. But before you take out a working capital loan for that down payment, consider whether or not another brick-and-mortar location is really what your customers want. Maybe your target demographic would rather be served by a kiosk in a mall or a food truck that travels to several areas each day. Maybe they’re more likely to order online and have their food delivered. Each option requires a different financial arrangement but United Capital Source’s restaurant business loans can be customized to help you pay for either one with minimal impact on revenue. Your business funding program can be just as innovative as your strategy for the future.

You Can’t Wait And Grow

The aforementioned dilemma for retailers typically stems from problems with inventory and receivables. Inventory takes up precious space that should be used for something that produces a higher return. Failing to generate these returns also ties up cash, much like unpaid invoices. Money that is yet to be collected cannot be used for expansion, and the longer the invoice goes unpaid, the more sales you need to make up for it.

United Capital Source has effective remedies for both problems. We offer merchant cash advances specifically tailored for managing inventory, which may include ordering inventory for multiple seasons, taking advantage of discount purchases during certain times of the year, and simply figuring out how much inventory should be ordered for one season in order to create a stable budget going into the next season. If your business must make payments on the same schedule but is having to wait later and later for customers to pay you, we strongly recommend accounts receivable factoring.

With this program, UCS would purchase your unpaid invoices in exchange for a tiny cut of revenue, meaning you’d be paid up front for the order. This influx of cash allows you to cover business expenses and, more importantly, create a schedule outlining which purchases need to be made and when to make them. And without having to worry about paying your bills, you can offer customers even more convenient terms and sign larger purchase orders. Accounts receivable factoring has traditionally been viewed as a quick way to get out of a “rough patch” but many UCS clients use it to continuously smoothen out cash flow and leave themselves money for growth.

No Need To Shop Around

Alternative business financing was made for restaurant and retail business owners who want to keep profits and returns on investments high. We are not the only business lender that can distribute funding in a matter of days but we offer more funding programs than any of them, so you can be certain that whatever option we recommend for you is the best you will find on the market for your industry. Just one phone call with us will show you why you should consider us your first choice and waste no time shopping for small business funding!


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