Small Business Loans for marijuana dispensaries

United Capital Source does not discriminate against certain industries solely because they have a “risky” reputation. We have worked with dozens of businesses that experienced regular inconsistencies in revenue but were able to pay off debt on time with minimal impact on cash flow.

The stigma surrounding the marijuana industry is preventing banks and credit unions from distributing funding, despite the many financial difficulties that come with running a marijuana business. Investors are extremely picky considering all the competition, and companies looking to expand would be wise to avoid letting a third party influence their decisions by applying for marijuana business loans that don't require any equity pledged as collateral.

United Capital Source is prepared to show the world that granting small business loans to marijuana businesses will speed up the growth of this burgeoning industry, which is projected to be worth $6.5 billion in just three years. Our business loan experts would be honored to help marijuana businesses purchase essential equipment, secure additional property, take on new hires, and save money by ordering inventory in bulk way ahead of time.

Maintaining healthy inventory year-round is crucial for marijuana businesses, and United Capital Source requires just a few days to supply the funds that can keep displays stocked at all times. Dealing with niche markets that prioritize customer satisfaction above all is our specialty.

At UCS, we judge potential borrowers on the performance of their business, so please understand that public opinion and regulatory changes will in no way effect our decision to approve you so long as it is legal to do in your state.

Call us today on 855.933.8638 or email us at and discuss your marijuana dispensary business loan options from United Capital Source.