United Capital Source works closely with auto dealerships providing them with accounts receivable loans. We understand that it's typical for car dealerships and auto sales businesses to have up to 75% of their assets tied up in inventory (new cars, trade-ins, and spare parts). The auto sales industry can be very competitive in certain markets and dependent on national advertising campaigns where car manufacturers promote certain vehicles at discount prices for specific periods. Think President’s Day car sales or New Years' clearance drive away sales.

Car dealerships often need small business loans to pay dealership fees and other expenses to keep them going when sales temporarily slow. United Capital Source also understands that auto dealerships require short term business funding when more buyers are trading in their cars. The profit on a new vehicle is contained in the trade-in car and until sold, the profit to the auto dealer is unrealized. This can create cash flow challenges.

Many of our best long-term clients are also in the auto repair business. These family-owned shops are a big part of what makes America great. We're proud to support these businesses with merchant cash advances and help them through slower seasons as they competagainst large national chains.

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