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It doesn’t matter what year you were born: Changing a long-standing opinion or habit is not easy. This issue applies to countless small business owners who are watching their industries and target market change at a rapid pace. They are understandably cautious about trying to fix what doesn’t seem to be broken or starting from scratch in an unfamiliar world. Yes, it takes a considerable amount of time to learn new things but it’s attitude, not knowledge or talent, that got the most successful business owners to where they are today.

Some will promise to change when they have the money to do so. The natural response to this sounds very cliche but in this day and age, it couldn’t be more true: You won’t have more money until you adapt.

Here are 3 hard pills to swallow for today’s small business owners:


You’ve got the manpower, you’ve got the supervisors, but you’re still so overwhelmed with tasks that you’re unable to answer crucial questions from employees or follow up on scheduled meetings. It shows on your face in the form of a grimace or expressionless stare that gives your workers the impression that you’re too busy to talk to them. The average small business owner is used to excessive stress but a hindrance in communication is a hindrance in productivity. This is how you know you need help: not when sales are down, not when you can’t sleep. It’s when you have to chase after employees to get answers because they aren’t coming to you first.


This one is especially difficult to accept because of its negative-sounding implications. People of all ages base a great deal of their shopping decisions on what they see on the results page of a Google search or their friends’ social media feeds. If your business is nowhere to be found following a relevant Google search, your days as a true competitor may be numbered. The same goes for the most popular social networks for your industry. A business that does not consistently update its profile or reach out to users is viewed as inactive or simply careless. Therefore, no team is fully complete without an expert in digital marketing.


The kind of help that is mentioned in the previous two paragraphs have at least one thing in common: They are 100% necessary but are not directly connected to revenue, at least compared to your productivity/development team. Instead, they create the environment for revenue to flourish or maximize the likelihood of leads coming in. This makes business owners hesitant to recruit them because they are used to taking on new hires who contribute to their revenue stream almost immediately. These team members, however, wouldn’t begin to finance themselves for several months, when other expenses are bound to arise.

United Capital Source offers unsecured business loans tailored for this oh-so-common dilemma: Needing new team members as soon as possible but the money to support them won’t come until the next season, or the next release, etc. The business funding program we recommend for you determines on the state of your business and industry but popular options include working capital loans, merchant cash advances, and our extremely competitive accounts receivable factoring services.


The general public’s perception of small business loans is that they are primarily used to pay the bills for businesses that are seemingly on their deathbed. According to this same school of thought, all truly successful businesses have no external funding and rely only on themselves to overcome financial difficulties. Viewing small business loans as a “last resort” as opposed to a growth strategy will hinder your ability to stay competitive. While small business loans can be granted to businesses in rough patches, these businesses are not just using the money to scrape by. They are buying new equipment, launching a marketing campaign, or planning a new release that will take their target market by storm.

Another extremely advantageous use of UCS’s unsecured business loans is aligning your financial cycle with that of your industry. You can hire more people right when demand is about to hit its yearly peak or renovate your store when the opposite occurs. You’ll be shocked to learn how much easier it is to pay off debt when, based on your industry’s financial cycle, the likelihood of cash flow being impacted is logistically low. We design our business funding programs to accommodate your needs, not ours. This actually isn’t too hard considering our essential needs are pretty much the same as yours: To keep your business on an uphill path throughout your entire career.

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