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The Huffington Post emerged in 2005 out of seemingly nowhere. It has a vision for 24/7 news that pushed even further than most other large news outlets. In a market where advertising isn’t doing what it used to for the news industry, companies are rethinking their budget because of the effects of the forward thinking entity that is Huffington Post. 

Arianna Huffington has tons of practices which she says is her secrets to success. As the 52nd most powerful woman in the world, we should listen.

  1. Embrace failure. Fear of failure makes us afraid of trying. Arianna says “failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s the stepping stone to success”. It’s important for people to recognize this because typically, all we see are the successes of successful people
  2. Try to cultivate joy. Arianna used to be a workaholic type of personality who didn’t embrace happiness in her life. She says that when she is not joyful she reevaluates what is going on in her life and how she can fix this.
  3. Be moral. When you do the right thing, you can bring in people and teach them how to live better, thus having a better environment for everyone else. Huffington Post has a section that’s called the “Good News” section, and it’s one of their most popular sections. So many brands want to be part of personal wellness, and when Huffington Post became sponsored by Weight Watchers,
  4. Get out of the electronic world from time to time. Arianna says that the most immoral, worst choices by world leaders doesn’t come from a lack of intelligence, but rather a lack of wisdom. Today we are so super-saturated with social media, electronics, etc., that we are “having a hard time disconnecting with technology and reconnecting with ourselves”. She says we should regularly unplug and recharge to reconnect with ourselves and our deepest wisdom.
  5. Live your life. Arianna says does what you want to do over taking the jobs with the big paychecks. When we do this, we can be the best versions of ourselves. When we try to live “someone else’s life”, just because of what “society values”, we don’t allow us to be fueled in a positive way, and we just become more shallow. According to Arianna, its dramatic how much of a positive impact we can have if we do what we want to do.
  6. “Remember death”. When you remember the most inevitable part of everyone’s lives, you start to not sweat the small stuff. When we make death part of life, it will make us live life differently. So remember to think of that daily, because comparatively, everything could be worse than it is.
  7. No more grudges. When you look at a child and see how they handle grudges, they get really upset and they get loud, and then they move on like nothing happened. It’s perfectly okay to get upset and irritated, but you need to watch how long you stay on it. When you don’t let go, you aren’t living your life or cultivating joy. The most draining thing we can do is to hold on to something.
  8. Make sleep a priority. Say no to things you want to do. Sleep makes everything better. “When we get enough sleep, everything else is better,” says Arianna. She hates being tired more than she hates anything.
  9. Cultivate your creativity. Steve Jobs says being creative is like “listening to the whispering”. Bill Gates would have his “think weeks”, where he would go to a cabin without any electronics to just think.
  10. Redefine success. Society says money and power are equivalent to success. Arianna says “well-being and wisdom, our ability to wonder and to give back” should be a metric of success. She says money and power is like a two legged stool- you can sit on it for a bit and maybe balance for a while, but eventually you’ll topple. She makes this point to show how measuring success by money and power isn’t sustainable.Arianna Huffington is just one example of someone who took a series of negatives and turned them into positives.  If you feel like you have ideas on turning your negatives into positives, don’t hesitate, and find out more here.

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