SBA Marketplace Loans in 7 Days

Get an SBA Loan Fast. At a Low Interest Rate. Pay Over 10 Years.

United Capital Source partners with selected lenders to offer small business administration loans. These loans provide an unprecedented financing opportunity for qualifying businesses. They are easier to qualify for than standard Small Business Administration loans. Interest is lower than standard SBA loan rates. You have much more time to repay.

What Does a “Marketplace” Loan Mean? How Does It Work?

United Capital Source can put your SBA loan application in front of multiple bidders at the same time. In contrast, a traditional Small Business Administration loan means only one SBA lender at a time can consider larger loan applications.

With United Capital Source Marketplace loans, you get:

  • Funding from $30,000 - $350,000
  • Interest rates from 6.25% - 7.25% APR
  • Terms out to 10 years – with no prepayment penalty
  • Monthly payment

Get Your Money in 7 days. Yep, That’s Right. Just 7 Days.

A traditional SBA loan application can take 60-120 days to close. SBA Marketplace loans close quickly. That can be a life-saver if you need funding to get over a hump. Or through a temporary slump.

What else could you do with a new infusion of cash, right now?

  • Pay off an existing balance with a higher interest rate, up to $330,000
  • Remodel or expand your facilities
  • Add inventory
  • Add staff
  • Move forward with side-lined business initiatives – product development, marketing campaigns, etc.

Traditional Small Business Administration loans have high interest rates. And they have short repayment periods -- only 12-18 months. SBA Marketplace loans increase your cash flow long term, thanks to the very low APR and 10-year payback.

SBA Marketplace Loan Requirements

These loans are available to all types of small businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Corporation or LLC with at least 10 employees
  • In business at least 2 years
  • Annual gross sales at least $1.2 million
  • FICO score of 650+


Don’t pass this up exceptional opportunity. Get the money you need right now, then put it to work growing your business. Just fill out the form above!