Small Business Loans For Women

United Capital Source specializes in providing small business loans and providing working capital finance. We take pride in providing funding for women entrepreneurs. 

From a process standpoint, funding small businesses owned and operated by women is no different than funding small businesses owned by men. 

Our lending criteria focuses on actual business performance. This lets us lend funds based on actual revenue rather than weighing what industry you're in. You see, "industry type" is how women entrepreneurs can often be unfairly penalized. Most traditional lenders that use industry type as a primary qualifier view many of those favored by women to be a higher risk because they are lower growth — particularly retail. And historically, women-owned businesses don't grow as fast because they don't have the same access to working capital. 

You're all too familiar with this vicious circle. Well, at UCS, we're here to help get you off that crazy hamster wheel. 

We service hundreds of industries. We work with you so we can lend the amount of funds which your business’ cash flow can support for repayments. Our lending formula gets you out of that vicious circle, so we can provide women entrepreneurs like you with the working capital you need to grow your business — regardless of what industry you're in.

United’s unsecured financing is an attractive option for women entrepreneurs who seek equitable financing. And as busy as you are, having a quick, simple alternative to obtain working capital without any hassle is both convenient and smart.

We also specialize in providing business loans if you have bad creditBecause we offer revenue-driven business funding products, with no personal guarantee, no collateral, minimal paperwork and quick approvals — we can help you get the funding you need. We also offer great incentives such as prepay options, giving you the flexibility to pay us off early AND at a discount! What's not to love about that?!

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