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The tell-tale signs of insufficient manpower are pretty hard to miss: productivity slowing down, an unprecedented acceleration in demand, employees spreading themselves too thin or constantly going beyond their original description. Important information might be falling through the cracks, or it could simply be abundantly clear that certain longtime employees aren’t ready to take on more demanding positions. The chemistry of your team is off and revenue is suffering as a result.

But sometimes it’s not so obvious. Sometimes, your first thought is that whatever problem your business is faced with stems from something other than a lack of staff. It’s just an issue of company culture, you might think, or a sign I need to change my management style. Maybe this is yet another one of those all-too-familiar situations in which your team just needs to push itself in order to evolve, like it has time and time again.

Spreading Each Other Too Thin

It’s very common for employees to be tasked with several responsibilities they didn’t sign up for, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as those extra responsibilities aren’t crucial to the business’s survival. The larger your company gets, the less time that really handy guy is going to have to solve everyone’s IT issues on top of your clients’. Owners of young businesses tend to handle anything related to employee benefits, discipline, training, and recruiting themselves but that gets harder when you need 100% of your focus to think of new, game-changing ideas.

Just imagine how much more productive your business would be if you and your most skilled employees only had to worry about their own problems. With a human resources department, for example, the time it takes to hire someone could shrink from six months to just a few weeks. A full-time social media specialist could quickly eliminate any concern you have about losing relevance or abandoning your target audience. The more demand your business takes on, the less distractions your team can afford to have.

An Aura Of Distrust

Many successful companies didn’t realize they needed to make serious changes until employees started leaving one after the other. If you conducted a company-wide survey right now, how many employees would say they plan on leaving within one or two years? A trend in employee dissatisfaction indicates an unreliable or clunky work environment in which the present and future are unclear. Your former employees likely didn’t think their supervisor was qualified for his or her job. They might have been given too many responsibilities for the salary they were earning and weren’t able to concentrate on the few parts of their work they actually like. This trend will only expand unless you improve the work day of the remaining employees by filling in the gaps in fluidity with new recruits.

Poor Communication

Communication is vital for success but it can also have the opposite effect if incorrect information is consistently circulating throughout the workplace. When people are tasked with too many responsibilities or their higher-ups cannot handle their workload, people start hearing different things from different people. There must be complete clarity when it comes to things like who is in charge of a new initiative, expectations of a new client, or important dates and time frames. When this information is relayed incorrectly, it’s likely because whoever is supposed to know what’s going on was too busy to process it.

We’ve Seen This Situation Before

You probably wouldn’t have expanded staff a long time ago if you had the funds to do so. Since that time, your business has taken on a new level of competition and set more ambitious goals for the near future. You have the ideas and foundation to accomplish these goals but need the necessary staff members to make it happen smoothly, efficiently and without error. United Capital Source has helped dozens of companies do the exact same thing with business funding programs such as a traditional working capital loan or merchant cash advance, a.k.a credit card processing loans. Both programs can allow you to cover regular or monthly business expenses (bills, payroll, rent, etc) while you train your new hires and adjust your team to their new workflow system. You can even customize your funding program so that you pay a higher percentage of the debt when sales start to pick up.

At UCS, we understand that recruitment is time-sensitive and therefore must be taken care of as soon as the opportunity presents itself. If you are preparing for your industry’s busy season, for example, you must begin doing so early enough for your new hires to be trained for the upcoming influx in business. This is why UCS approves loan applications in 24-48 hours and distributes funding almost immediately after. We can even show you how to maintain a steady budget after the debt has been paid back in full! All you need to do is fill out our one-page application and assemble a handful of financial documents to obtain the funding your hard-working business has so rightfully earned!

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