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One of the most difficult things for a business owner to accept is that there are some tasks that cannot be directly handled by the company itself. Expansion is necessary for success but many small businesses are already so busy that the idea of taking on additional responsibilities seems more hazardous than promising. They might not have the time, the experience or the resources to make the improvements they need to stay competitive.

This is why outsourcing is such a popular strategy for businesses that wish to grow while remaining focused on what they do best. That isn’t to say, however, that paying another company to perform a vital service doesn’t come with a significant cost. Alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source can help you make sure that the cost of outsourcing has minimal impact on cash flow and does not prevent you from covering other business expenses on time.

Digital Marketing

Different types of businesses require different types of services but regardless of your industry, it is extremely difficult to attract new customers or clients in today’s market without investing in digital marketing. Modern shoppers base their decisions on what they see on social media or the results page following a Google search. Digital marketing firms create advertisements that are most likely to appear on the computer or mobile phone screens of Internet users who are interested in your business. Outsourcing this service makes sense thanks to the availability of performance-driven firms, which only get paid if they increase leads or profitable sales.

Many businesses would be wise to market themselves year-round but do not have the funds to do so thanks to an array of inevitable circumstances such as seasonality or the need to renovate. United Capital Source offers numerous business financing programs designed for this exact dilemma. Our working capital loans, business lines of credit, or credit card processing loans (merchant cash advance) allow businesses to fund short or long-term marketing campaigns during slower periods and pay off a higher percentage of the balance when the campaigns begin to take effect and sales rise.

Merchant cash advance loans can be approved in a mere 24-48 hours and reach your bank account just days later so you can launch your campaign at the most opportune time. Payments are tied directly to credit card sales with a small percentage held back on each batch. This offers predictability when it comes to your cash flow.


Restaurants and franchises looking to attract millennial customers would be wise to offer delivery services. Younger customers often prefer to order their lunch rather than go out, particularly in urban or crowded areas where parking can be an issue. Outsourcing delivery services saves you the time of having to find reliable in-house drivers and gives you the ability to quickly adapt to changes in demand without worrying about over or under-staffing.

United Capital Source’s restaurant business loans can be distributed in accordance with these changes in demand and paid off when demand hits its peak. Having only a few deliveries during this time actually makes credit card processing loans less expensive because the more spread out your payments are, the lower your effective rates will be. Some delivery services let you only pay for the orders they deliver, and the business funding experts here at United Capital Source could easily come up with a payment schedule that works around this system.

Inventory Storage

As if inventory management wasn’t challenging enough, you can only imagine the chaos brick-and-mortar store owners must go through when opening a new store or making renovations. It is often advantageous to order inventory for multiple seasons at once, but there isn’t always space to store these items. A sudden change in demand could require you to remove certain items with no place to put them. Large expenses like construction also leave less funding available for buying inventory in bulk, especially for seasonal businesses that need to prepare for busy periods during slow periods.

An effective solution is to expand storage space beyond the walls of your store. United Capital Source specializes in helping businesses secure bulk inventory at the right time, and this might only be possible with the help of an inventory storage company. Your unsecured business loan could therefore be customized to cover your inventory order as well as the cost of outsourcing its storage. The borrowing amount for a credit card processing loan depends on the amount of sales you are projected to make. And at United Capital Source, our years of experience with inventory-geared loans has taught us how much inventory should be ordered for a busy period as well as how long it takes to sell it. You would only be borrowing just enough to keep your customers satisfied and produce the ROI you have in mind.

Never Done This Before? No Problem!

Business owners who are new to the idea of outsourcing might be suspicious of this strategy but if you choose United Capital Source to finance your investment, we will carefully work out a budget required for your new service. Any questions you might have about how outsourcing will effect your finances can be answered with a single phone call or email, and we are always open to adjusting your payments in the event of a sudden expense. Remember, the point of outsourcing is to decrease stress from your work, so it only makes sense to let UCS make sure your funding problems don’t keep this reward out of reach!


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