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failure, signature bank, signature bank failure

Signature Bank Failure & Its Impact on Business Lending

Following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), regulators announced they were also shutting the doors on NY-based Signature Bank. The SVB-panic spread like a contagion to Signature, causing a similar bank run and subsequent collapse.

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svb, bank, bank failure, silicon valley bank, bank vault

Silicon Valley Bank Failure & Its Impact on Business Lending

There is a simple answer and a complex answer to why the bank failed. The simple answer is that it experienced bank run and didn’t have the money on hand to cover withdrawals. A bank run is when many depositors withdraw their funds at the same time. When the bank couldn’t produce the funds to cover withdrawals, regulators stepped in

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A team of employees giving hi five's because they won't give up to covid-19

UCS’s Jared Weitz Explains COVID-19 Effects On Business Loans

In 2011, I started United Capital Source with the mission of helping entrepreneurs grow and stabilize their businesses. Anyone who has worked with us knows that our support isn’t just limited to business loans and other funding solutions. At UCS, we take great pride in guiding entrepreneurs through tough times, even when it seems like the only option is to

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