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When a business is just starting out, hard work, companionship and knowledge of the industry are what ultimately plants the seeds of success. Obstacles will repeatedly arise along the way but none that cannot be overcome by those same three characteristics. The business owner along with his or her team grow accustomed to digging themselves out of holes with new ideas, work regimens, and project management strategies. But as the business evolves, the problems it faces become a lot more complicated in terms of viable solutions.

Many clients of alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source seek additional funding because they are in a rut that cannot be solved by the values that served them in the past. They typically have less time than usual to come up with a solution and, possibly for the very first time, this solution comes with a price tag they could not hope to match on their own.

Summertime/Anytime Blues

Every business experiences seasonality to some degree. They conduct the majority of their sales during a certain time of the year after scraping their way through the slow season, when sales are down for the entire industry. The busy season determines the business’s financial health for the entire year, so if performance is anything short of spectacular, finances become much tighter throughout the months to follow. This is just one of many reasons, however, that the slow season can be excessively brutal, almost to the point of bankruptcy.

But thanks to United Capital Source, the slow season goes from a curse to a blessing, giving your business a competitive advantage while others struggle to keep prices the same. We offer numerous small business funding programs geared towards revitalizing your business during the slow season to ensure an unexpectedly amazing busy season, such as merchant cash advances & other working capital loans. Some of our clients borrow enough funding to cover business expenses for a number of months and use the time they have away from customers to order inventory, increase staff, launch marketing campaigns, or improve their appearance, gradually taking care of each investment in a timely, scheduled manner.

Work Together, Walk Together

One of the most obvious signs that your business is due for a change is employees leaving one after the other. These ex-employees all probably left for the same reason, which could very well be related to the way their role in the company was perceived by their superiors and co-workers. This can not only lower morale for the rest of the company but also cause operations to slow down, forcing existing employees to go well beyond their job description. And you can’t just replace the lost employees without re-evaluating their positions to make sure future employees do not face the same fate.

Taking on new hires is another specialty of United Capital Source, since many of our clients are suddenly struck with the need to increase staff in order handle the business’s obligations. Our working capital loans and credit card processing loans are perfect for companies that need to keep their businesses running smoothly while taking their time to find and train new hires. We let clients make smaller payments up until their investments begin to pay for themselves since such investments usually impede operations for a brief period before adding to the company’s revenue stream.

Going, Going…Gone

When productivity or revenue becomes stagnant, the solution is often a new strategy or partnership. But in some cases, it is the working environment or the way the business operates in general that prevents sales from growing. Maybe your employees’ computers are too slow, or their workplace doesn’t instill a sense of professionalism. Maybe they don’t have enough time or manpower to complete their assignments to the best of their ability. The point is, the business needs additional funding to invest in the missing piece of the puzzle.

United Capital Source has years of experience providing small business loans to dozens of industries. Our business funding experts know exactly what types of binds certain businesses find themselves in as well as how to gradually break free of these restrictions. We will show you how to prioritize expenses, reserve cash for inevitable hiccups in revenue, and maintain a steady budget well after your small business loan has been paid back. Our number one goal is not earning a profit but seeing your business grow, so rest assured we can find a funding program that will only strengthen your connection with your most loyal customers.

There Is A Way Out!

If your business’ success has plateaued or reached an impasse, all it takes is a quick phone call or email for United Capital Source to get started planning the next step. We move quickly, getting cash in your bank account as soon as it makes the most sense for you to make your investment. Within a matter of weeks or even days, you will notice operations flowing smoothly and expenses that used to pile up having little if any impact on cash flow. Remember, business droughts are only natural, and it’s those who are willing to seek help who find their way out!


We will help you grow
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