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No team can perform to the best of its ability if its members are under an unnecessary amount of stress. Your workers might have too much on their plates, be exhausted from long commutes, or simply feel like they don’t have a solid grasp of what is expected of them and how to do their jobs most efficiently. These problems are relatively common considering only certain companies have the luxury of being able to give employees everything they need to reach their full potential.

But this doesn’t mean employee stress can’t be reduced if you don’t some have extra cash on hand. Alternative business lending companies like United Capital Source understand the importance of clear-minded employees and have helped dozens of businesses finance improvements that resulted in a massive increase in productivity and company morale.

Any experienced business owner knows the signs of stressed out employees: sunken eyes, unsatisfactory performance, lack of communication, or too much communication since this tends to revolve around workplace complaints. If your business is experiencing any of these problems, contact an alternative lender about one or more of the following investments:


Most up-and-coming businesses begin with a small number of people handling a wide range of tasks, as opposed to just one main responsibility. Everyone, including the boss, is used to stretching far beyond their basic job description. The idea of taking on new hires to lighten the load doesn’t occur to them because they have yet to figure out that between the whole team, there is more than enough extra work to satisfy several additional employees. Imagine, for example, how much less stressed employees would be if some of them didn’t also have to worry about updating your company’s social media accounts or keeping track of their co-workers’ daily tasks.

Look at it this way: When you notice that an employee is becoming very good at his or her job, allowing this person to work with the least distractions or interruptions from colleagues is definitely a worthwhile investment.


Commuting has repeatedly been scientifically proven to have an adverse effect on both mental and physical health. The need to commute is so common, however, that business owners often forget all the productivity they are losing from employees who need to spend at least an hour “recovering” from the morning trip and leave work approximately a half hour earlier to prepare for the ride home. Business owners also forget that their workplaces are probably only in a convenient location for a few employees. The opportunity to secure a new space that will shorten the commute for the majority of your team cannot be passed up.

The size or layout of your workplace could be a source of significant stress as well. People think clearer in environments that are spacious but do not completely sever interaction with their co-workers.


This is one of the most undervalued methods for boosting enthusiasm and drive. Cross-training involves educating your employees about what their co-workers do and teaching them the basic skills required for each worker’s job. This process typically takes several months but it can alleviate two major contributors of employee stress. If employees are feeling over-worked, their colleagues can now apply their own unique abilities to lighten the load. Every employee has something to offer their colleagues to make their jobs easier. As for employees who are unmotivated or dissatisfied, cross-training will give them a deeper understanding of what their company does and make them feel more connected to the company’s main purpose. Seeing how much involvement they have in the company’s output will remind them that the company’s success is their success.


United Capital Source offers numerous small business loan programs specifically tailored for these three initiatives. A business line of credit, for example, is best suited for short-term investments like taking on new hires or cross-training. This program allows you draw funds when you need them and only pay interest when you use the funds. You can use and pay back funds just like an ordinary credit card. Operations will likely slow down while you are training your new hires or cross-training current employees. The loan, however, will prevent you from digging into personal or operational funding to pay your bills or employees during the temporary dip in revenue. As long as it is paid back on time, you can continue to use the business line of credit as needed for your business.

Another sensible option is an advance on future credit card sales or revenue based business loans, which supplies a lump sum of funds today in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales or total sales as revenues come in. These programs are more geared towards highly-lucrative investments that take time to pay off or need to be made when sales are down. There are no due dates or fixed monthly payments. The funding is instead paid off as sales happen, making these options very flexible ones that won’t impede your cash flow.

In addition to securing a new space, these funding programs are a great option for taking on new hires in anticipation for a busy time of the year like the holidays. The busy season follows the slow season but with Merchant Cash Advances/Revenue Based Business Loans, you could train your new workers while running your business smoothly so they are prepared for the incoming increase in business.


All of these funding programs can be approved in 24-48 hours and get cash to your bank account in a matter of days. You can take your time finding the hires you need or put a down payment on that new property the moment you learn it is available. The business funding experts at UCS have years of experience guiding businesses through these investments and can guarantee minimal impact on cash flow. Applying with UCS takes just a few minutes, so don’t let your employees go another day with excessive stress!

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