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New research has found that flexibility is among the most desired job perks as well as a surefire recipe for happy employees. Many industries, however, cannot allow employees to make their own schedules, duck out of work whenever they please, or work remotely.

But you have observed the competitive advantage of companies that offer flexibility and are determined to give your employees the next best thing. Lucky for you, it turns out that there are several investments you can make to produce results similar to those of flexibility. These investments have historically proven to increase productivity and revenue, making them worthy of a small business loan that will end up financing itself once the true potential of your employees is brought to life.


Just because you need employees to work 9 to 5 doesn’t mean you can’t let them spend more time at home. Forcing employees to commute any more than 45 minutes five days a week is stressful enough to effect work performance along with physical and mental health. It’s simply impossible for people to work their hardest when they have to worry about traffic, transportation costs, getting to work on time, or not seeing their loved ones. More than a few workers would probably agree that having to leave work at a specific time to beat traffic or catch a train dramatically limits the amount of work they can get done throughout the second half of the day.

You will only have 100% of your employees’ focus if you choose an office space that is within a reasonable distance from their homes. A happy, healthy team is a productive team, and a conveniently-located office eliminates one of the most common causes for employee anxiety and high blood pressure. Besides, employees will be tempted to seek greener pastures if their commute is restricting their personal life, putting all that energy you spent on their development to waste.


If there is a location of this nature available, it would be wise secure it immediately with the help of a small business loan. Alternative business financing companies have the ability to approve certain types of small business loans in under 24-48 hours and distribute funding in a matter of days. Any concern you have about paying off the debt will dissipate once you see how much more fresh your team looks in the morning, when they would usually spend at least an hour recovering from their commute. The transformation will be so extreme that you can even increase their work load to ensure that all the funds you use for repayment come from revenue, as opposed to working capital. After all, the primary reason most companies offer flexible schedules is to compensate for more demanding tasks, which your employees now have plenty of time for.

Not only will they get more work done during the day but their evenings will no longer be devoted to pushing anything work-related out of their heads. Let’s say there’s an issue that needs to be solved after the work day. Instead of unwinding after a long commute, your employees will be able to answer emails and make last minute changes to their work at home.


But before you make a down payment, you must first consider numerous other aspects of your desired location. Remember, the goal is to mimic the flexibility, which allows employees to simultaneously manage their work and personal lives. Different employers will have different opinions about mixing the two, but any successful business owner knows that it’s never a good idea to suggest that employees completely disconnect anything personal from their daily grind. So when exploring new locations, make sure employees have the resources to settle personal business at work. Such resources include the private rooms to take phone calls from loved ones and multiple computer monitors to keep different email accounts open.

Once you have found the right space, you’ll want to invest in at least a few office perks that will reinforce your initiative make work feel like home. Maybe your employees like to relax with coffee in front of the TV. Maybe they like to sit on an armchair or stand up at a counter to work on their laptops. A comfortable work environment equipped with homely furniture will ease the daily transition from home to work and eradicate any limitations to your employees’ mental capacity. If you’re wondering if these investments are worth it, just look at how happy Google and Pixar employees are due to the functionality of their work spaces.


Affording all this furniture and equipment would seem daunting if you didn’t pay off that first round of funding on time. This accomplishment will likely grant you eligibility for a second round that could be approved even quicker than the first and feature even better terms. You saw what a new location did for productivity, so it only makes sense to take this initiative one step further if you have the means to do so. At this point, your employees have no reason to envy their friends’ flexible work schedules because the act of going to the office no longer impedes their personal life.

Alternative business financing companies understand the importance of employee happiness and are therefore always willing to help businesses overcome stagnation to the best of their ability. Don’t get hung up on your company’s lack of flexibility because as long as you are generating steady revenue, there are plenty of changes you can make that will achieve the boost in productivity you have in mind. Call 855.933.8638 or visit the United Capital Source website to hear how you can expand your business without jeopardizing cash flow!

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