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Business problems that don’t have relatively obvious solutions are often solved by creativity. In these cases, you don’t need more people, more equipment, or more space. What you need are ideas, innovation, or simply the ability to think outside the box. Creative people can implement new methods for boosting productivity while putting themselves in the shoes of customers to understand what will please them most.

So, how do you acquire employees of this nature?


If you want to hire the best talent, you’ve got to make them notice you by rigorously promoting your brand. But creative people won’t just want to work for whoever has the largest presence on social media. They need to see a brand with a website that exudes forward-thinking professionalism as well as a tremendous knowledge of your industry. In addition to an eye-catching, convenient design, your website must communicate what makes your brand valuable within a few seconds of logging on. Your logo must be instantly recognizable, and your mission statement must reveal how dedicated you are to lifting your industry to new heights.

Creative people don’t like to follow traditional rules of execution, so make sure your website features your company’s unique strategies, ambitious goals, and the ongoing desire to evolve. Now that you have perfected your website, it’s time to advertise on multiple social media channels and utilize search ads because accessibility suggests that a brand is looking to expand its reach and increase demand. Speaking of accessibility, make sure your website and social media posts are SEO-friendly, meaning they include keywords that are frequently used in search queries. The more relevant or “trending” words are featured on your website, the more likely it is to appear at the top of a list of search results.


You’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to do all of this while running your business. A digital marketing company offers all the help you need, and the cost of hiring one will most definitely be dwarfed by the increase in revenue your company experiences thanks to its new image and reputation. It might take time for such gains to take shape, but certain small business loan programs from alternative business funding companies don’t involve fixed, monthly payments that could jeopardize cash flow.

Merchant Cash Advance, for example, supplies funding for your business today in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales. Your cash flow won’t be as affected as it would be with a fixed payment type of business loan so while sales are down, repayment becomes slower and vice versa. This initiative is bound to attract more customers as well as desirable candidates, and the latter will be pleased to be tasked with satisfying the jump in demand and playing a major role in growing your business. Digital marketing and creativity are essential for keeping up with the competition these days, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in what is logistically your best shot at earning elite status.

Good repayment history on your first round of funds immediately sets you up for a second round of funding with better terms, and you’re going to need it to maintain the creativity of your new hires. Creativity, like any other skill, will gradually fade without constant nurturing.


In September of 2016, Esquire magazine published an article entitled “How to Become a Creative Genius.” One would imagine such an article to list a series of mental guidelines but the author instead concentrated on a single activity that a massive amount of historical icons, from Benjamin Franklin to Albert Einstein, engaged in on a daily basis. They took naps at just about the same time every day, a routine they stuck to with military-style dedication. The continuous success of these artists, scientists and entrepreneurs suggests that business owners should invest in keeping creative employees relaxed. A few ways to accomplish this include company retreats/overnight trips, the inclusion of leisurely activities into your work space and moving your office to a larger, more convenient space.

According to Forbes, a study conducted at MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory found that success is directly related to how well a team communicates at informal meetings, or meeting that aren’t about work. Employees can only do this if they have enough space to talk freely as well as the opportunity to just hang out as friends. Why do you think Google’s offices contain game rooms, workout centers and napping pods? It’s because the tech giant has repeatedly found that creativity flourishes when the mind is able to run free at all times.

The ideal work space for creative minds is big, filled with fun activities, and located at a modest distance from employees’ homes. Employees perform best when they do not have to worry about getting to work on time or rising transportation costs. Several studies have even proven that longer commutes increase the risk of back pain, obesity, and of course, bad moods.


Allowing employees to nap in the middle of the day sounds like a recipe for bankruptcy. Operations will slow down, and you need to cover regular expenses. But with a working capital loan, you can run your business just fine despite the decrease in revenue. This program distributes the funding you need for your monthly budget, which includes payments to vendors, rent, etc. So if your creative team is in a rut, apply for a working capital loan that gives them the chance to take it easy for a few weeks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ROI of recharging your employees’ batteries.

These investments may seem risky but so is owning a business amid competitors that benefit from all sorts of unorthodox and experimental strategies. You also won’t feel like you’re taking a risk once you see your new website, meet your new hires and watch them both grow as you take care of them. The ideas your company needs might be a single small business loan away, so why risk letting other companies obtain ground-breaking allies before you do?

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