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There comes a time in the career of almost every successful business owner where they realize they could be doing better. The business grew from a tiny operation into a local favorite but sales have since plateaued, eliminating the availability of revenue that could be put towards expansion. Besides, even if you had the money, what else could you possibly do to increase business? There’s no sense in trying to fix what’s not broken, and it’s not as if you’re receiving constant complaints from customers.

And yet you can’t help but feel that your business is entitled to the same rewards as the giants of your industry. This feeling is valid, and it’s the main reason alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source exist.

Experience: The Only Thing You Can Really Trust

An outside might tell you that the quickest way to find out how to grow your business is to look online. While the Internet is most definitely a source of valuable information, there’s no way of knowing if a certain strategy or investment you read about will actually work for your business. A key ingredient for success in any field is customer experience, because potential leads are naturally prone to follow the advice of their friends and family members. It’s firsthand experience, not something they read online, that most effectively convinces someone to give you their business.

The same concept applies to business owners who are curious about expansion. They are more likely to believe things they hear from people who have similar lifestyles, or, in this case, other business owners. To learn which tools you can harness for expansion, talk to your competition and form good relationships with them. There’s no shame in asking for their opinions on new developments or how they view the future of your industry. This will eventually prompt them to refer customers to you and give you a new level of demand to satisfy. The referrals will keep coming, of course, if you return the favor.

From Desktop To Mobile

Odds are, one of the first pieces of advice your competitors will tell you is to go mobile. The majority of their new customers discovered their businesses by performing a Google search on their mobile phones and, thanks to their investment in digital marketing, they appeared on result pages for revenant search queries. Their website is mobile-friendly and easily navigable but highly professional. Email newsletters grace their most loyal customers’ inboxes on a weekly basis, and their social media accounts release daily posts that are specifically geared towards their demographic and their personal interests.

Facebook does have an online training program for businesses called Blueprint but you might not have the time to learn how to create Facebook ad campaigns yourself. Social media accounts must also be updated on a constant basis and require ongoing research to know what works. This is where United Capital Source enters the picture. Whether you want to out-source a digital marketing team or hire a full-time social engagement specialist, we specialize in small business loans that allow cover regular business expenses while you interview, train and finance your new team member(s).

Our merchant cash advance loans (a.k.a credit card processing loans) are very appropriate for out-sourcing digital marketing teams because they often need to be paid up front yet their initiatives might not produce results for several months. But with this type of working capital loan, you are supplied a lump sum that doesn’t have to be paid back with large fixed monthly payments, instead repayment will be tied to sales volume. Our small business funding programs can be customized based on the needs of your budget and paid back on the schedule that works best for you.

Renovating Perception

Another observation you might make as you meet with your competitors is the way they take full advantage of their space. They make the most out of every inch of room they have in their brick-and-mortar locations. Car dealerships, for example, have recently begun implementing refreshment areas and entertainment centers in waiting rooms. These interactive additions tend to stand out in a customer’s memory more than the actual purchase. United Capital Source has helped dozens of businesses remodel and renovate because we know that a single, positive customer experience can change a business’s future forever.

Customers will immediately notice when a business’s appearance looks outdated or dull. We prevent such misfortunes by approving numerous types of small business loans, such as business lines of credit, accounts receivable loans, and credit card factoring loans in less than two days. Banks have been known to make borrowers wait months to receive funding but we can get your money to your bank account in less than a week, allowing you to make those renovations the moment the opportunity presents itself.

Business Lending Can And Should Work For You!

Developing good relationships with your competitors means giving and receiving. You asked them for advice, and now you have some worthwhile advice to pass onto them: United Capital Source. Speaking of reciprocation, it’s important for you to remember that we will reciprocate your decision to let us finance your expansion by providing the best customer service you will find in the lending industry, even after your funding has been paid back in full. If you are ever in need of guidance in regards to your finances or your next big move, all it takes is one phone call or email to have your questions answered. There’s no back-and-forth nonsense, no waiting for responses. We will happily walk you through every step of your investment, since your success is our success, and we don’t just mean drawing a profit!

We will help you grow
your small business.

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