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‘The magnitude of innovation at Google ranges well beyond the realm of technology. Over the past decade or so, Google has built a work environment that is virtually unrivaled when it comes to the health, happiness and value of its employees.

No other company in the world provides as many perks as Google, which has been described by countless employees as easily the most rewarding place they have ever worked. It’s not just a coincidence, however, that the company with the most perks is also revolutionizing the capabilities of Internet users and continuously managing to make a perfect search engine even more perfect.

Google invests heavily in its employees to make them as productive as possible and prevent them from even thinking of seeking greener pastures.



Some might doubt that happiness and productivity don’t go hand-in-hand but science says otherwise. Economists at the University of Warwick found last year that happy employees are 12% more productive while unhappy employees are 10% less productive.

Avenues for happiness and convenience at Google include free massage therapy, a gaming room, scattered coffee bars, napping pods, an on-site hair stylist, and a swimming pool. If you live in San Francisco, Google provides free transportation in the form of buses equipped with Wi-Fi.

These perks were implemented primarily to maintain good health and apparently encourage employees to spend the majority of their time at the office. There’s an on-site gym, fitness classes, an on-site doctor, juice bars, and a wide variety of healthy but delicious meals are prepared by gourmet chefs on a daily basis.

In 2013, researchers at Brigham Young University determined that employees who eat healthy food throughout the day were 25% more likely to improve work performance.

Former Google employee Jeff Nelson wrote on Quora that the free food “saved an enormous amount of time,” since he was “able to leave for work without eating breakfast” and didn’t have to waste time “planning for lunch.” Other former employees said the gym inspired them to come to work early while the availability of dinner and free transportation took all the stress away from working late.

A major goal of Google’s massive cafes is boosting interaction with employees so they can bounce ideas of each other. One employee raved on Quora about the importance of dining with her colleagues, saying it helps “build relationships” and recognize co-workers as trusted friends. Another Googler added that he has “never been more challenged and energized professionally from my colleagues than at Google,” where everyone has “an interesting story to share.”

Quite possibly the most admirable perk of Google is its maternity policy, which gives new mothers 18 weeks of paid leave and new dads six weeks of paid leave. New parents also get $500 in “baby bonding bucks” to help with diapers, take-out meals and formula. Once this policy was put into place, the amount of women who left Google decreased by 50%.


Keep in mind that these perks aren’t just being distributed to the average programmer or marketing wiz.

Google is the hardest American tech company to work for, with just 0.5% of applications resulting in a job. This is because the company receives over 2 million applications a year, and employment requires an extremely specific set of characteristics.

“Google has a type,” a former Googler wrote on Quora. “If a person has a narrow domain expertise and has trouble thinking outside their domain, they very likely will not do well in the [interview] process.”

To work at Google, you must possess “a certain breadth of knowledge and ability to solve problems,” he said. Another former employee claimed that there’s just a 5-10% chance of a programmer getting hired, even he or she has over ten years of experience working at top competitors like Microsoft or Amazon.

With only the best talent in mind, it only makes sense for Google to do whatever it can to ensure that employees stay with the company their whole lives. Google HR Laszlo Bock claimed in his book that about one-third of Google’s first 100 hires still work for the company. Numerous former employee suggested on Quora that after leaving Google, it was difficult to adjust to a workplace lacking so many perks, mainly the availability of free, healthy food everywhere you turn.

According to Business Insider, Google is so dedicated to keeping its most seasoned engineers on board that it pays them to abstain from all projects for months just to “recharge,” and figure out what they want to do next.

A former executive said of this policy:

“It helps keep people off the market. It helps keep the institutional knowledge if you need them back for any reason. And it costs [Google] so little to retain these people rather than to have them leave and start the next Facebook.”

From a logistical standpoint, Google’s employee perks maximize the likelihood of workers never developing the desire to leave. They feel valued, trusted, and most importantly, physically and mentally comfortable.


Benefits and perks are not cheap but crucial for maintaining a talented roster. Your team needs to view their employer as up-to-date, professional and highly-appreciative. The expenses necessary to acquire these characteristics may call for a small business loan. As the aforementioned research showed, happy employees are more likely to work harder and generate increases in revenue that will easily pay off your debt.

A merchant cash advance takes a cut of credit card sales as payments, allowing you to pay off the bulk of your debt when your new perks begin to see results. If business isn’t at its best, you’ll still have plenty of funds to preserve employee momentum. These investments will soon bring out the best in your employees, who will be more inspired than ever to help you succeed.

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