Small Business Loans & Working Capital for Construction Contractors

United Capital Source is the ideal financial partner for construction contractors in need of working capital loans. We work with commercial plumbing, roofing firms, electrical contractors, masonry contractors, cement suppliers, window fabricators, fence contractors, and landscapers to name a few. Most trades have 90 to 120 day net accounts receivable. This causes cash flow problems when multiple projects are underway.

With our easy online business loan application process, general and specialized contractors can quickly apply. Our small business funding team also understands the ins and outs of industrial and commercial construction equipment financing.

Construction projects are very time sensitive. Having working capital is critical when completing construction projects requiring plant, machinery, and laborers during an intensive period. A new forklift, safety barriers, construction materials and supplies often require cash flow well in advance of milestone payments.

We also have experience with construction crews and contractors with a bad credit history. Like most small businesses requiring loans, construction contractors are often at unforeseen risk to bad credit problems given the economic cycles of the property and real estate industry. Paying contractors on time ensures construction project continuity.

As a leading American lender to small construction companies, our bridge finance options allows you to meet contractor payments and bridge that cash flow shortfall gap. We offer quick, temporary loans for contractors for supplies and business expenses until payment is made. Plumbing, electric, roofing, and HVAC projects all have significant costs involved, which is why small business loans can help get the important projects completed on time, regardless of milestone payment delays.

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