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The United Capital Source Business Journal

The single most important factor to consider when looking for the right lending partner for your business are the terms.

Who hasn’t read Steven Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? Anyone? Published in 1989, it revolutionized the business world with its approach to productivity and effectiveness in business leaders. Twenty-seven years later, it’s still a go-to for many business owners looking develop productive business skills and be highly effective people.

Jewelry is a favorite way for consumers to celebrate special occasions and demonstrate their own sense of style. The affordability and collectability of fashion jewelry means that there is an ongoing desire for consumers to seek out new designs. A recent Huffington Post article indicated that online sales for jewelry have risen dramatically due to a growing consumer market of women and men aged 25 to 45, who tend to research and shop online via mobile devices. Getting started in the rewarding business of running a retail jewelry business can be very profitable, with the right financial support.

I know, I know, just like the Christmas decorations in Target, it seems too early to be creating a “best of 2016” list. However, unlike the Christmas decoration in Target, getting this list early can be extremely helpful to your business in 2017.

Working capital loans enable you to get things done. Every auto repair shop owner has dreams. But you have day-to-day responsibilities too. It takes money to manage your business and turn your dreams into reality. Small business loans are a financial management tool. You can use them to build your business right now and long-term.

The limousine business is booming currently. According to Manta, there are over 32,000 limousine services just in the United States alone. This is mainly because of the need for affordable transportation options for millions of travelers, entertainers, and people celebrating important milestones. Many limousine operators started out with just a single limo, but as business picked up, they’ve had to expand their fleets to keep up with client demands. It’s not uncommon for a limo company to have dozens of vehicles, all requiring special maintenance, drivers, and secure parking facilities. Then there is all that gas that keeps things moving 24/7. It can get expensive to say the least.