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What is the Cost to Lease Gym Equipment: The Essential Guide

Leasing gym equipment is an extended form of renting it. Instead of purchasing machines like treadmills, weight benches, ellipticals, etc., you pay a monthly fee to offer them in your gym, but the leasing company retains ownership.

Several types of gym equipment leases and financing options are available, varying in cost, term length, and end-of-lease options. Depending on the lease

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    What is Shop Pay: Benefits, Drawbacks & How to Activate

    Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout option offered by Shopify for online shoppers. It allows customers to securely save their shipping and payment information, making the checkout process faster and more convenient.

    With Shop Pay, customers can complete their purchases with just a click, eliminating the need to re-enter their payment card details for every transaction. This streamlined checkout experience

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    IRS Pauses New ERC Claims Amid Growing Concerns: Impact on Business Owners

    It’s truly unfortunate that the program is being placed on hold due to bad actors trying to exploit it. It’s also frustrating that the IRS hadn’t taken more proactive measures to stop or prevent fraud prior to the rising concerns.

    It’s now a waiting game for eligible business owners until the moratorium is lifted. In the meantime, you can review your

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