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Many small business owners have a difficult time understanding the value of mass marketing campaigns. This hesitancy is only rational since you can never be 100% sure your brand awareness efforts will be successful. But what these skeptics often forget is that a truly effective campaign doesn’t just create compelling advertisements or ramp up your social media activity. Companies that seriously invest in branding and advertising essentially undergo a rebirth that positions them for an extremely prosperous future.

United Capital Source is here to prevent you from going cheap on these two initiatives. We offer small business loans specifically tailored for advertising new products or services, establishing a strong online presence, and ultimately building a reputation that reflects your dedication to your industry and customers.

Telling Your Story

Every thriving small business has a story to tell, a personality, a culture that attracts your target demographic. Think about why you decided to start your own business and how you got to where you are today. Answering these questions might not be easy but it’s certainly worth your time because they will provide the framework for all of your advertising and brand development efforts to come. That’s right, every single one. No more wondering what you have to do to further connect with customers, increase your role in the local community, or simply give your customers “something to talk about.”

By investing a considerable amount in branding and advertising now, you are significantly diminishing the likelihood of having to invest in these areas ever again. This investment will even help you figure out what kinds of new products or services to release later on.

You can’t answer the aforementioned questions or decide where to put your funding without time, and for most businesses, extra time in the day only comes during the slow season, when sales are down. United Capital Source specializes in working capital loans, merchant cash advances (a.k.a credit card processing loans), business lines of credit, and numerous other unsecured business loans to companies that experience cyclical dips in revenue but must stay relevant all throughout the year. Working capital loans and merchant cash advance loans are particularly appropriate for slow periods because they provide enough funding to cover regular business expenses for several months while your attention is focused on ensuring a spectacular performance for the busy season.

No Option Is Out Of Reach

The early stages of your awareness initiative will also tell you whether it’s best to outsource your marketing needs to a third party or hire one or more full-time social engagement specialists and develop your identity on your own. It really depends on your confidence in your own marketing skills as well as how much capital you plan on borrowing. This is a tough decision to make but the business funding experts at United Capital Source are here to give you advice on anything remotely related to spending money. We are confident in our guidance because our innovative lending process allows us to customize your small business loan based on the unique circumstances of your business.

For example, if you decide that it’s best to outsource a digital marketing team, we can arrange your terms based on your new partner’s payment policy. With a merchant cash advance, payments are made in the form of a percentage of future credit card sales that is tied to daily sales. This type of program might help with cash flow for any expenses that need you to outlay a lump sum of cash today.

No One Knows You Better Than You

Your marketing expenses would be much different if you choose to hire full-time employees and prioritize your own involvement in developing your brand. A working capital loan or merchant cash advance would give you time to interview and work with your new employees without having to worry about paying your bills at the end of the month. During slower months, repayment is slower because repayment is tied directly to sales volume. As sales increase the amount paid back is increased to insure steady cash flow.

Regardless of who handles your campaign, the funding program designed especially for you will have little if any impact on cash flow and can even be altered in the event of an usually slow month or sudden business expense.

We’ll Turn Your Hesitation Into Confidence

You might be thinking “What if this investment fails?” The answer to this question is another question: Your customers like you, don’t they? Price and selection clearly aren’t the only reason they give you their business. People come to you because they like your business’s personality, and that’s just what they’ll see in your advertisements as well as your social media accounts, involvement in the local community, and customer retention efforts. So, if your customers like you, they will almost certainly respond to your marketing and branding initiatives.

Major investments are nerve-wracking to say the least, which is why we understand that part of our job is calming your nerves and guiding you every step of the way. We have clients in dozens of industries and have been met with every kind of financial curve ball imaginable. No budget situation is too complicated for us to work with, and we never discriminate based on the size of your business or how “risky” your industry may be. It is our honor to be the first business partner to finally give you the treatment you have so rightfully earned!


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