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When alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source say they can help you increase staff, they are not just talking about sheer manpower. Workers who assist the development of your products or services are vital but if significant growth is in your sights, you’re going to need more than just a large production team. Businesses that achieve success after expansion are equipped with staff members primarily involved in promotion and organization. Without either element, all of your production team’s hard work would go to waste.

No matter how many new workers you recruit, you will not be able to run your business smoothly, satisfy a jump in demand, or keep that demand going if you lack any of the following types of employees:


When a business is starting out, the business owner typically handles all HR-related issues. They field all questions about compensation, benefits, company culture, performance, training, and so on. This might work just fine until the team expands, and their leader no longer has time to answer these questions. Without clear guidelines for employee issues, new employees don’t feel like they are in a professional environment and might question the legitimacy of the whole operation. A human resource specialist gives managers the ability to focus entirely on improving sales, efficiency, and carrying out major investments.


Growing a business means adding expenses that could very well bankrupt the company if you don’t only spend as much as necessary. Paying off a small business loan, for example, becomes infinitely easier when you know you aren’t spending too much on energy, equipment, or out-sourced services. This is why business lenders often recommend meeting with an accountant before applying for extra funding. Your accountant will tell you how much debt you can take on, how much it will impact cash flow, and what you can do to reduce wastage and inefficiencies. A business without an accountant is not only disorganized but prone to throwing away money that should be used for future investments geared towards growth.


Social media has proven to be such an effective marketing tool that it seems like any business without one or more specialists is immediately at a huge disadvantage. Your current and potential customers are probably more likely to see your brand on social media than any other form of advertising, so it only makes sense that you use it to promote your business’s growth. What good is all that hard work if no one sees the results? A social engagement specialist will not only create relevant posts and communicate with customers but also perform scrupulous research on your followers, allowing you to craft the perfect advertisements and promotions for their unique demands.


This typically outsourced service maximizes accessibility by ensuring that yours ads appear at the top of relevant Google searches. Research has shown that a steadily increasing amount of shoppers make decisions by entering queries into Google and, of the businesses that comes up, seeing which one best suits their needs. An Adwords account manager will construct ads geared towards your target demographic and bid strategically on the keywords these shoppers are most likely to search. Capitalizing on social media and Adwords will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing all you can to expose your newly-reformed business to potential customers.


United Capital Source specializes in small business loans tailored for recruiting all forms of employees, regardless of whether you are hiring full-time employees, part-time employees, or outsourcing services. The aforementioned four hires must be recruited well before your extra manpower, but the whole point of this manpower was to generate the revenue you need. You’ll be pleased to learn that our working capital loans do not come with same stringent, non-negotiable terms as traditional bank loans. These innovative business funding programs can be customized to cover the expenses that come with each hire and be paid back when your upgraded production team starts to take effect.


Since many of our clients use our working capital loans to prepare for a surge in productivity and/or demand, we have modified them to make sure they do not interfere with the cash flow required for both efforts. Say, for example, you have an outsourced service that is paid by the month. Your payments are tied directly to sales so you’ll only make payments when you are receiving them yourself. A merchant cash advance is paid back via a fixed percentage of future credit card sales, therefore these payments will fluctuate with you sales volume to ease the burden on cash flow.

These business funding arrangements might seem complicated but we eliminate confusion and stress with regular communication. Once you receive funding, we will make sure you have enough capital to run your business smoothly and carry out your investment on schedule while making payments. Any sudden expenses or changes in plan can be alleviated with just one phone call or email. Remember, the point of recruiting one or more of these hires is to significantly diminish the likelihood of cash flow problems. The solution begins with UCS, and your decision to work with us will show you exactly what you need to never have to worry about the occasional dip in revenue ever again!

We will help you grow
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