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Companies like United Capital Source are far more generous than banks in regards to the business financing approval process because they can tell when a business has what it takes to succeed. Rather than simply judging small business loan applicants by their net worth and credit score, alternative business funding companies assess the potential borrower’s experience and proven track record. The potential borrower must not only have earned steady revenue over a considerable period of time but know exactly what is required to reach even bigger goals as well.

These goals, however, stretch far beyond carrying out a major investment and paying off debt. Clients of United Capital Source are always thinking two steps ahead, visualizing how to take their businesses to new heights well after they have made their final payment.

Here are 4 qualities of companies that are poised to attain success following their first stab at expansion:

1. They Are Systems Oriented

You cannot expand a small business without clearly-defined processes to guarantee efficient output. The purpose of expansion is almost always to increase demand, which is neutralized by an increase in productivity. Small businesses that are ready to take on more workers or add locations don’t have to worry about diminishing the quality of their products or services because they have established protocols that are ingrained in just about every employee. Whenever a company compares itself to or aspires to be like McDonald’s, it is referring to the systems that allow all of the chain’s locations to operate with the same speed and efficiency.

2. They Know Their Target Audience

Knowing your target audience doesn’t just refer to knowing what type of people make up the majority of your customers. Businesses that have a true understanding of their target audience also know where their target audience lives, how much money they make, how many of them live in certain locations, and how many of them must live relatively close to your business in order for your business to do well. The more you know about your target audience, the more you can tailor your marketing and sales strategies to their liking. The details of special offers, ads, and incentives, for example, should be created with your audience’s individual needs in mind.

3. They Have The Right People In Charge

When you hear about a new business finding success, it’s usually attributed to its founder’s unique backgrounds. The same goes for established businesses that evolve to a mass scale. Just because someone knows all there is to know about a certain industry doesn’t mean that person has the abilities to guide a business into the future or maintain a productive, motivated team. Unlike a bank, United Capital Source judges a potential borrower’s character by the capacity to know what his or her business needs, when the business needs it, what kind of changes the business will make in the mean time, and what to do once the investment has been carried out. These qualities are far detrimental to a business’s survival than, say, the size of the business in question or the reputation of its industry.

4. They Make Sure Their Employees Are Taken Care Of

When a business evolves, so must the way it treats its employees. Clients of United Capital Source are well-aware of how much any major investment impacts their employees, and many of them take out small business loans purely to make sure employees are compensated before large projects or upticks in business. Certain business owners, such as medical practitioners or landscaping contractors, do not get paid on a consistent schedule and cannot bear the thought of losing their employees trust after so much hard work. A team that knows their leader is looking out for them will look out for their leader when times get rough.

We’re Thinking Ahead Right Along With You

The ability to think ahead is an integral element of UCS’s core values. Our small business loans are not designed to draw a profit but help our clients’ businesses experience significant, long-term growth. Whether it be a Merchant Cash Advance, which is best for lengthy investments, a short-term Working Capital Loan, or a Business Line of Credit, you will be in prime position to capitalize on further advance opportunities after your debt has been paid off in full. Our business funding experts additionally recognize the need for consecutive small business loans and will customize your second loan with terms that are more convenient for your business’s at that point in time. We will help you make the wisest decisions for your business’s future and prove it to you by staying by your side for years to come!


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