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Blogging has become an essential tool for small businesses looking to build popularity, brand authority and brand awareness. An increase in web presence ultimately leads to an increase in potential customers, many of whom end up subscribing to the promoted product/service due to the connection they have developed with your business. A survey from HubSpot revealed that 60% of businesses that actively blog increase their customer retention rate. Blogging is a great marketing tool for any business to acquire, especially with the rapid rise of social media today.

Here are four reasons blogging is important for your business:


The more content your company’s website produces, the more likely potential customers are to stumble upon it via search engines. According to HubSpot, businesses with 401-1000 pages of content get 6x more leads than those with 51-100.

When someone conducts a Google search, the highest-ranking content in the SERP (search engine result page) is usually the most recent and relevant to the individual’s query. If your content is posted regularly, it will likely feature the latest information about your industry, or information that is “trending” and widely searched for.

Blogging also gives you the opportunity to shower your posts with keywords about your industry that you want your company to be associated with. To raise your blog’s Google ranking, make sure these keywords, as well as variations of them, can be found in all of your posts. Choosing keywords is crucial in getting your rankings up in the SERP so be sure to test what keywords people use the most frequent to search with and incorporate those words into your blog posts.

Your blog’s Google ranking will go up if the titles of your posts are formed out of specific questions people enter into Google about your industry. An example of this would be making a blog title, “How to take out a small business loan when you have bad credit” because many people have already searched this phrase in google numerous times.


Perhaps the most important purpose of blogging is soliciting conversation on social media, which exposes your business to new potential customers and drives traffic to your website. Posts containing relevant and universal information about your industry are likely to be shared on Facebook, and when a social media user shares a post, it appears on the news feeds of a great deal of their Facebook friends.

Social media shares will raise your blog’s Google ranking and provide an understanding of the kind of topics potential customers are most interested in. Users tend to view the companies that are most active on social media as the leaders of their respective industries, presumably because they seem to be most dedicated to educating people about their industry and providing updates about new offers to increase customer satisfaction.

You can deepen your connection with potential customers even more by responding to their comments and thanking them for sharing.


Regular blog posts will show your expertise about your industry. This expertise is a natural outcome of the constant research you’ll have to do in order to keep these posts coming, since no one wants to hear about the same generic topics over and over again.

Instead, you’ll delve into unfamiliar elements of your industry, interview notable members, and release statistics displaying trends that can only be detected through scrupulous examinations of your competitors’ performance.

The more an industry evolves, the more questions customers will have, and it’s your goal to make these customers count on you to give them answers supported by data. It’s difficult to discredit a company that takes the time to create infographics and videos to spread a message more effectively.

Regular blog posts will ultimately confirm that your business is alive and well since it is clearly up-to-date in regards to changes within your industry.


No matter how much attention you devote to the copy on your website, nothing humanizes your company and industry more than a regularly-updated blog. Trust is a major factor in a customer’s decision to choose your company, and a blog allows you to honestly express why he or she should view you as a reliable partner and friend.

You can utilize a friendly voice, address concerns your customers might have about your industry, and speak to them on behalf of an unbiased peer who refuses to mince words about how boring or inconvenient something may be.

Blogging about why you are so passionate about your work will also help you prove that your company isn’t just trying to make money. These posts will prompt potential customers to look at your work from a new perspective and understand that your utmost goal is making their lives easier.


If you want to make your blog a serious priority, hire a creative director, an engagement specialist or someone with blogging experience. Acquiring the best talent is a crucial investment worthy of a small business loan, or more specifically, a business line of credit.

This program allows your business to have a revolving line of credit similar to a credit card. When you don’t have a balance, you don’t make a payment. When you have a new project such as blogging for new business, or have a slow period and need a cash injection to keep things steady a small business line of credit is just the right tool. Marketing efforts often don’t see results right away but since a business line of credit offers low monthly payments until you pay the balance off in full, you won’t have to pay off the bulk of your debt until your blog starts to increase clientele.

United Capital Source has provided funding to hundreds of businesses that needed to take on new hires to stay competitive. New hires are usually acquired to meet demand, and the demand for new information via the Internet is growing every day. Call 855-933-8638 or visit the UCS website to discuss how to give your business the voice it needs to become a reputable force of your industry.

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