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Email continues to offer the best ROI of all marketing channels, and it should be one of the top priorities for any digital marketer. Growing your email list gives you more opportunities to convert subscribers and move them through the sales cycle.

It can be tough to generate growth on your email list, but you’ll reach your marketing goals if you consistently refine your strategies and find ways to differentiate your brand from the competition. This article will cover everything marketers need to know about how to build an email list.

4 Reasons to Build an Email List

#1. Maintaining Control over Your Contacts and Community

Email contacts are some of the most valuable leads in digital marketing, as this audience has already demonstrated an interest in your brand. Email marketing is your chance to develop long-term customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why email marketing offers so many unique benefits. Instead of solely focusing on moving each target down the funnel, you can experiment with different types of content and prioritize engagement over clicks.

#2. Subscribers Manifest Actual Interest in Your Brand.

A large email list sounds nice, but the truth is that quality is what sets email audiences apart. Marketers should review their lists at least annually in order to identify and delete superfluous subscribers.

Some marketers try to grow their email lists by purchasing leads, but these contacts are almost always low-quality. Organic leads, on the other hand, have given you the opportunity to contact them personally. Considering how many emails most of us already receive, subscribing to your newsletter shows sincere interest in your products.

#3. Email Is a Really Easy Way to Reach Customers

Compared to social media, email gives you much more control over the marketing process. It’s the most direct form of digital marketing, and most subscribers check their email more often than social media. Growing your email list should be one of your top marketing priorities.

#4. Email Works

The bottom line is that email works, and its ROI is the best of all digital marketing channels at 4000 percent. It converts subscribers at an extremely high rate, and email marketing is typically cheaper than running ads on a search engine or social media platform. 

How to Build an Email List (5 Tactics) 

#1. Place Forms on Your Site

Businesses can use a variety of forms to increase subscriptions, including opt-in forms, exit-intent popups, and landing pages. These give users the chance to subscribe to your newsletter while browsing your site, and they’re the top source of email list growth for many companies.

#2. Use a Great Incentive

Most internet users feel that they already have enough subscriptions, so you need to offer a unique value in order to increase your sign-up rate. An effective lead magnet gets readers interested and convinces them to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Some of the most common types of lead magnets include e-books, guides, gifts, and discounts. Once they accept the lead magnet, you can retarget them later on and attempt to keep them engaged with your brand. Create a landing pages dedicated to your lead magnet in order to maximize subscriptions and start the customer journey with a positive interaction.

#3. Target Forms and Landing Pages for Relevancy

Some online popups are invasive and annoying, but personalized, relevant popups can be a great way to increase conversions and subscriptions. More static forms and landing pages are also most effective when used with specific audience segments. Many businesses offer exclusive discounts to new subscribers in an effort to drive sign-ups and grow their email lists.

Instead of showing your popup when a user first accesses your website, set up exit-intent popups to display before they leave. Tailor each popup based on customer data including referral source, intent to purchase, and the page they’re currently viewing. This will keep their interest for a few seconds longer and make them more likely to stay engaged with your brand beyond the initial visit.

#4. Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are one of the most powerful methods of increasing outreach, and they’re especially effective on social media. Your current subscribers will share the giveaway with their friends, offering the same free outreach you can get with referral rewards. Facebook and Instagram are the most common platforms for giveaways.

It’s critical to come up with a giveaway prize that matches your brand’s value. If you focus on pet products, for example, the prize should be intended for pet owners—the more effectively you target your audience, the more sales you’ll make on each giveaway.

#5. Leverage Referral Programs

User referrals are essentially free word of mouth advertising for your brand, and the cost of referral rewards is relatively affordable compared to the price of acquiring a new customer. Don’t underestimate the impact of a strong referral program on your email list.

Companies often provide small incentives to both the original customer and the referral in an effort to find new customers. Even a minor benefit will convince many of your existing customers to refer friends and family members. Offers like free shipping and discounts also bring users back to your store and extend the customer relationship.

#6. Other Ideas

Email lists are mostly grown online, but this isn’t the only way you can get in touch with new subscribers. In fact, offline list building can be just as effective as a landing page on your website.

If you run a physical location, give customers the option to subscribe at the point of sale. Let them know the benefits of joining your list and make the process easy to complete in just a few seconds. You can also print out business cards and give them to potential contacts.

Building an email list should be one of your main goals as a digital marketer, and these tips will help you reach your targets. Remember to continually evaluate your strategies and look for ways to grow—the best marketers are always getting better.


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