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Expanding your business is synonymous with staying competitive, and the competition is growing more powerful every day. The actual products and services might be relatively the same but the way companies attract customers and spread brand awareness has changed dramatically over the past decade or so.

We all know what’s to blame: The Internet.

Recent research has proven that an increasing amount of shoppers are basing their spending decisions on what they see on the web. Businesses must therefore establish a strong online presence that engages customers and allows them to learn all there is to know about what they sell.

Too bad you barely have enough time and energy to manage your basic responsibilities as a business owner let alone take advantage of the Internet. But the Internet’s ability to level the playing field is an investment you cannot pass up, and alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source are here to make sure you don’t fall behind your larger competitors.

How To Reach Your Audience in 2017

Step one in your plan to modernize your business is hiring a digital marketing team. Any business that isn’t investing in appearing at the top of Google searches and bombarding its target audience with advertisements is at a huge disadvantage. Shoppers will forget about you if they aren’t consistently reminded that your business exists and is offering great deals all throughout the year. Your business must become as accessible for Internet users as possible, especially leading into your industry’s busiest time of the year.

Marketing initiatives often take time to pay off but United Capital Source offers numerous funding programs specifically tailored for long-term investments. A Business Line of Credit, for example, will allow you to access capital at a competitive rate just like a credit card, but much cheaper. Say you want to market a new product ahead of the summer or holiday season. With a line of credit for your business, you could hire a digital marketing team several months before the product launches while running your business smoothly, even if sales are down. You can pay monthly payments on the balance until you decide it’s time to pay the balance in full. This will allow you to invest in growth while paying the bills.

Getting The Word Out

Maintaining a strong online presence all year round means hiring a few more full-time employees who specialize in different essential elements of marketing. The first that comes to mind is social media, since most shoppers will not take a company seriously unless it has a great deal of followers on Facebook and releases posts on a constant basis. A social media specialist would also recruit leads through fan pages involving something related to your industry, obtaining scores of email addresses in the process. If you feel you are lacking in customer loyalty, consider hiring a content strategist who could create content that will populate your social media feed and answer any questions about your industry customers might have.

Speaking of specialists, taking on new hires happens to be a specialty of United Capital Source. A popular program for this investment is a Working Capital Loan. You would be able to cover all expenses associated with new hires (new equipment, etc) and take your time searching for the perfect candidates. Operations might slow down while you are interviewing and orienting your new hires but with a working capital loan, you’d still be able to pay your bills at the end of the month without digging into operational or personal funding.

Remembering Your Second Store

When you pay off a small business loan on time, you could become eligible for a second, larger loan with more convenient terms that will reach your bank account even quicker than the first. This presents the opportunity to fulfill the utmost need of the modern shopper: online purchases. If your company is popular enough to warrant expansion, your customers will purchase products and/or special offer coupons directly from your website.

Many companies have online shopping carts but the feature is often so confusing or frustrating that customers end up abandoning their orders altogether. You can avoid this by hiring a company do set up your online shopping cart for you. This might not be that expensive but you also have to order lots of extra inventory to account for this new stream of sales. United Capital Source can approve small business financing in 24-48 hours and distribute funding in a matter of days, so you can hire your help and order all the inventory you need months before sales start coming in.

Yes, It’s Really That Easy!

Thanks to United Capital Source, modernizing your business is as simple as filling out a one-page application and assembling a minimal number of documents required for funding approval. You won’t have to wait months for feedback like you would from a bank. Our business financing experts have years of experience helping countless industries keep up with their competitors and will guide you through this expansion process step-by-step. Don’t let the urgency of the situation stop you: If you need money fast and have a successful business, we will quickly find the funding program that is right for you!

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