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A key skill of owning a small business is attention to detail. So many things can influence productivity, morale, and of course, the decisions of current and potential customers. You want your small business to convey a certain feeling or theme. After all, it’s safe to say that a decent portion of your customers gave you their business because they “felt” it was a good idea at the time. This suggests that you should do whatever you can to push you and your customers in the right direction.

You might not believe that minor details play a significant role in your success but they are what makes you unique and memorable. They are often the main reason someone chooses one product or service over another. Think about it: Do most of your customers conduct scrupulous research before buying from you? No. They were guided by something on the surface, and they probably didn’t even know it.

When Visiting Your Competitors Isn’t Too Exciting…

No one understands the importance of details better than owners of brick and mortar storefronts. Their physical space is their biggest advantage over their online competitors, so it’s up to them to make sure their stores are even more comforting than the thought of not having to leave your house to get anything you want. Some businesses take this to an extreme by basically turning their stores into a museum. But this is likely because they sell relatively incomparable products you can’t find anywhere else. More conventional businesses, like car dealerships or furniture stores, must instead focus on little things that their competitors haven’t caught on to just yet.

Visiting these businesses isn’t always too exciting, which means that shoppers will likely appreciate a business that actually acknowledges this painful reality. Music that caters to your target audience, comfortable furniture, a refreshment area with surprisingly delicious coffee, or TVs showing something other than the soul-crushing news are just a few examples of accommodations that could quickly win over potential customers. They will prove especially useful if your top competitors are overcrowded mob scenes like Walmart.

Keeping Your Team Motivated

Minor details are also taken into account by office-based businesses that thrive on high productivity or emphasize company culture when pitching themselves to potential customers. When your workplace actively reflects a certain identity or set of values, employees get the impression that their work is honoring these values and spreading them on a mass scale. This is crucial for businesses that can’t find motivation by simply reminding themselves what their employees do for a living. Without a clear sense of purpose, the day-to-day routine and bigger picture will seem dull and pointless.

For example, if your business wants to be known for its precision and pace, everything in your office should reflect this. You could only use equipment made by brands that value the same things, or choose a share office space that resembles the inner-workings of a machine. If your business is all about the grind, inspiring imagery and decorations you would usually find in a gym (boxing gloves, a digital timer, sports jerseys) could help employees remember that their hard work is just as respectable as that of a professional athlete.

Not Just A Logo

Ever wonder why big businesses put so much effort into crafting the perfect logo? It’s because several studies have shown that two different logos from businesses in the same industry can evoke two very different feelings. The same goes for the images you see in advertisements for businesses on your Facebook news feed. Make no mistake: Businesses that have achieved tremendous success with digital marketing campaigns took the time to approve every minor detail of their ads. Similar attention was clearly devoted to the appearance of their website and the content of their social media posts.

Opportunities Are Just Around The Corner

As minor as certain details may be, they are undeniably capable of major success. It can even be said that stepping up your digital marketing game, remodeling your storefront, or securing new office space largely comes down to investing in the importance of minor details. If your business is alive and kicking, you will likely find yourself in a position to make such an investment, whether it because of the holidays, the upcoming release of a new product or service, your storefront becoming outdated, or your team growing too large for your current workspace.

Alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source specialize in small business loans geared towards either one of these opportunities. We offer business lines of credit designed to finance long-term marketing campaigns. This type of working capital loan is also perfect for renovations because you can make minimum payments when revenue is slow, which is ideally the best time to begin a remodeling project. Other small business loans can help you make a down payment on a new property without having to pay off the debt until your team has settled in to the space and has returned to its usual pace.

Get Started When You Actually Want To

In order for these investments to achieve their desired outcomes, they must be made at precisely the right time. You cannot let your industry’s financial cycle, an unforeseen expense or the signing of a new client halt your momentum. We understand the value of each day at United Capital Source, which is why we can approve and distribute nearly all of our unsecured business loans in under two days.

The main difference between UCS and other business lenders capable of speedy approval is that our terms are negotiable and can be adjusted to accommodate your financial future. And since we don’t usually require immediate monthly payments, you can spend all the time you need ironing out the aforementioned minor details. The more freedom you have to do what you do best, the less likely you are to see your investment have any impact on cash flow whatsoever.

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