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Whether it’s from a parent, teacher or former employer, anybody looking to start a career is told the same thing: It’s all about who you know. At first glance, this saying seems to mean that any job you get will be the result of your relationship with a certain someone who believes in your potential and would therefore gladly help you out.

While this interpretation might be true for some people, it most accurately applies to the evolution of a business. No individual or business can succeed without the help of hard-working and intelligent people. Owners of new, cash-strapped businesses typically have to wear many hats and learn myriad skills on their own but the goal is to eventually be able to recruit people who are much, much more accomplished at certain skills than you could ever be.

If only this process didn’t come with a price. Good help is an investment, and in 2017, you need a lot more than just a team of workers who know how to create great products or services.

Marketing Version 2.0

If you were to surf the web for articles about growing a small business, you’d find that most of the articles contain the same suggestions, and they all involve some elements of digital marketing. The possibilities are endless! There’s SEO, blogging, social media, effective lead magnets on your website or advertising with Google AdWords. Any company that isn’t utilizing at least a few of these strategies is at a tremendous disadvantage because research has shown that accessibility and a strong, professional online presence are crucial for businesses looking to expand their reach.

At United Capital Source, we pride ourselves in increasing popularity for small businesses that stand by the quality of their work and are truly dedicated to keeping loyal customers. Due to extenuating circumstances such as seasonality or fluctuations in the price of inventory items, these businesses sometimes struggle to maintain steady cash flow all throughout the year. They cannot afford to hire or out-source a digital marketing team at the most opportune time.

Financing Has Only Gotten Easier

Small business loans allow smaller companies to stay competitive, and staying competitive in 2017 is synonymous with digital marketing. This is why UCS provides business funding to companies that need to almost immediately take on new hires who will finance themselves as they increase revenue. Marketing initiatives often take months to produce results, therefore it’s best to ramp them up long before your industry’s busiest time of the year. Sales are down during this period but UCS’s working capital loans, such as a business line of credit or credit card processing loans, do not feature the non-negotiable terms created by banks that are solely looking to draw a profit.

Digital marketing teams are usually paid by the month, so we will customize your small business loan to make these payments as convenient as possible, whether that means supplying a lump sum or a certain amount every week, month, etc. The same concept applies for payments, the majority of which could be paid back sales start to pick up, should you be given a credit card processing loan. If those aforementioned circumstances prompt the need for a little more cash or lower loan payments during a certain week, all it takes is just one quick email or phone call to see what your options are and make the necessary adjustments.

With You Until The End

The primary purpose of any wise investment is to increase demand, and if your digital marketers know what they’re doing, you can expect to have your work cut out for you in the near future. Productivity must increase along with demand and lucky for you, having UCS in your corner can give you the means for not one but multiple investments. When you pay off a small business loan without trouble, you will likely become eligible for a second loan with even more convenient terms that will find its way to your bank account in just a few business days. This is how some of our clients take out working capital loans, merchant cash advances, or even business lines of credit on a cyclical basis every year.

Let Us Show You How We Got Here!

Potential uses for this second round of funding include increasing staff, purchasing excessive inventory or both options, since this funding amount could be significantly larger than your first. Our number one priority at UCS is not being paid back on time but seeing our clients’ companies grow. The business funding programs we create are specifically designed to leave the borrower with a steady budget long after the initial debt has been paid back in full.

When you choose to work with us, you are beginning a partnership with a finance expert who will always be there for any questions or concerns you have about the longevity of your business, even if you aren’t in the process of paying off debt. Your business is on an incredible journey, and it’s our pleasure and privilege to give you the foundation to take us on this journey with you!

We will help you grow
your small business.

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