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The end of the year is often a time for small business owners to think about where they want their companies to be 365 days from now. They set goals for the immediate future and vow to finally get around to those pesky tasks they were too busy to knock off their to-do lists. These goals are largely based on the knowledge they accumulated over the past year in regards to what has worked for their competitors and what weaknesses have plunged others into bankruptcy.

But as they ponder their new plans, it becomes clear that each one requires more time, more money, and stronger cash flow than they’ve ever had access to. So for many small businesses, the first item on their New Year’s resolutions might as well be to get the help they need to actually make their visions a reality.

Here are three New Year’s resolutions that become within reach with small business loans:


Poor cash flow management is the most common reason for a small business to fail. This is because it’s almost natural for the two sides of cash flow (money flowing in, money flowing out) to go through cycles of extremity, creating a distinct imbalance in available capital. Rather than earning or losing a consistent amount throughout the year, companies end up with a lot of money for a number of (possibly unpredictable) months and the opposite for an even longer period. This renders them unable to schedule investments, cover regular business expenses on time, and capitalize on unforeseen opportunities.

United Capital Source offers numerous funding programs designed for this exact purpose: smoothing out cash flow. Companies cannot grow without strong cash flow management, and sometimes all it takes is a little extra funding at the right time to stabilize your budget and/or offset the circumstances that lead to the aforementioned balances. Factoring improves cash flow by allowing you to get paid up-front whenever an invoice is processed, rather than waiting for payment and covering business expenses at the last minute. Being able to plow more and more money into your business keeps profit margins high, giving you more room to grow. The main reward of receivable factoring is predictability, or the near-certainty that you’ll always have money to cover unplanned expenses or daily operational costs.


You’ve done your research and arrived at the conclusion that your product or service is heavily undervalued. It’s time to charge rates that actually correspond with the true cost of running your operation. The problem is that no matter your value, you still need to pay your bills and therefore cannot just wait until you finally attract the interest of more educated clientele. What you can do is make your true value more apparent via a number of strategies.

Merchant cash advances are widely used to carry companies through rough patches that would otherwise halt their momentum. But with this type of working capital loan, you could stay vital and relevant even though less people are coming into your store. The amount you borrow is paid back via a fixed percentage of future credit card sales, so you’ll only be losing a small portion of revenue when sales are slow. Business financing in general can also provide the means to take advantage of game-changing opportunities that will dramatically enhance your track record or reputation. Large projects or new clients come with a cost (bigger team, more time spent, extended payments, etc) but extra funding can prevent these costs from impacting the need to meet regular expenses. If you work with United Capital Source, we could approve your application just days after the opportunity arises and structure your payments to have the least impact on cash flow until your revenue stream thickens up.


Google and social media are predicted to play an even bigger role in shopping decisions in 2018. Companies that do not prioritize digital marketing and the need for an easily-navigable yet professional-looking website are going to be wiped out. It’s time to update your website, increase social media activity, and make sure your Google ads show up for the most relevant search queries. You probably don’t have the time or money to launch a marketing campaign but United Capital Source has designed numerous business funding programs tailored for long-term investments that take months to increase revenue. The prime example is a line of credit, which can be distributed as soon as you’d like your campaign to begin.


The rest of your New Year’s Resolutions likely consist of smaller initiatives like delegating more tasks, holding more strategic meetings, or simply learning a new skill. Working with United Capital Source gives you the chance to tackle these initiatives by producing the time they require. You’ll have the time to train your team to handle more tasks on their own, plan out marketing campaigns, or develop new products or services . That’s why our clients keep coming back to us: The bonus of nearly every small business loan we distribute is the freedom to prioritize the things that led them to start their own businesses in the first place.

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