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Most seasonal companies associate small business loans with preparation for the busy season. They seek funding during their slow season to maximize the likelihood of a strong performance in the months to follow. But while excessive inventory, a bigger team, or a targeted marketing campaign are undoubtedly wise investments in themselves, their returns grow even larger with the help of another investment that takes place once the busy season comes to a close.

In this case, the busy season refers to the holidays, the aftermath of which leaves businesses with myriad opportunities for advancement. It’s up to these businesses to prove that small business loans can be just as beneficial after the holidays as they are beforehand.


The holidays are synonymous with a surge in demand that is usually too overwhelming for small businesses to handle without an increase in staff. They hire part-time workers to maintain quality customer service, speed up production, or keep their stores open for longer hours. But in today’s extremely limited pool of willing candidates, finding new team members with the right attitude is no easy feat. After all, a common reason so many clients of United Capital Source use working capital loans to increase staff is because it takes time to obtain and train holiday staff.

You know what makes this process a lot easier? Offering potential candidates more than just a short-term paycheck. Team members who don’t panic under the holiday rush are a rare find, so it only makes sense to invest in turning them into full-time workers shortly after. So, when sales start to get a little rocky a couple of months after the holidays, an unsecured business loan from a company like United Capital Source can give you the comfort of knowing you have the means to keep each and every one of your best staff members on board. A business line of credit would likely be very useful for one such business around late February or March, since business might be slower in those months.


Loyal customers are your greatest salespeople because their their friends or relatives tend to put so much trust in their opinions. A flashy website or snappy sales pitch is meaningless if the word on the street says otherwise. This is why small businesses are advised to provide 100% satisfaction to as many customers as they can. If a customer has a problem that is fully capable of being fixed, a solution should be enacted to leave a positive, lasting impression. The main obstacle preventing small businesses from doing this is time, but this is what small business loans are for.

United Capital Source specializes in unsecured business loans that allow companies to keep their businesses running smoothly when sales are on the slower side. Rather than focusing on making as many sales as possible in order to meet 30-day accounts payable pressures, you could take extra time to alleviate the problems of existing customers. A working capital loan, for example, distributes enough funding to meet regular business expenses for several months so you can concentrate on longer or multiple projects. The terms of our business funding programs are also customizable based on the circumstances of your industry, meaning your larger payments could be postponed until the aforementioned problems are solved and operations are back in full swing.


You can’t launch an effective marketing campaign without data, and the holidays supply it in spades. The busy season is your opportunity to find out what works and what doesn’t for different demographics. A thorough examination of your performance will tell you everything you need to know about your target audience as well as the state of your industry. This information will be the foundation for your general marketing strategy. But unless you’re a marketing expert, the average small business owner probably wouldn’t know what actions to take based on certain bits of information.

A digital marketing team, on other hand, would know exactly how to apply holiday data to a Google AdWords or social media campaign. Our premiere business funding program for long-term investments that take a considerable amount of time to produce returns is a business line of credit, which allows you to draw a lump sum for your marketing and then give you time to let it bear fruit with small payments. You would theoretically gain the means to pay your outsourced team every month without having to pay off the majority off the debt until their campaign begins attracting more customers.


Someone unfamiliar with alternative business financing might be thinking, “How am I supposed to take out a small business loan after the holidays if I already took one out before the holidays?” You’ll be pleased to learn that if you can pay back your initial funding without trouble, you will most likely become eligible for a second round of funding with even more convenient terms than the first. This is just one way UCS reminds our clients that we are in this business to steer you through numerous stages of growth by forming long-term relationships that do not end once your debt is paid back. We are your financial advisors throughout the entirety of your career, and you can bet that the holiday season is far from the only opportunity for expansion you will capitalize on with our help!

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