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When you see an article about preparing your business for the holiday season, it’s almost always directed at retailers. The holiday season is traditionally the busiest time of the year for this industry. Their products are regularly purchased as gifts, and they are all the more special when purchased from a small business. For most other industries, it’s widely known that the holiday season is their slow season, especially for B2B companies. But retailers aren’t the only businesses that are putting in extra hours and developing complex strategies while the majority of the small business world is taking it easy. The holidays are extremely busy for a number of industries, some of which might require similar capital expenditures to a retail store.

Here are four industries aside from retail that anticipate significant increases in demand during the holiday season:


This one is the most obvious, due to multiple factors. First is the cold weather, which makes everyone more reluctant to move in general, let alone cook for themselves. School is out for the kids, so their parents might take them out to breakfast or lunch. But this is actually one of several reasons restaurants will do whatever they can to attract as many customers as possible during the holidays. Customers are apparently much more generous on and around Christmas, sometimes leaving 50% tips. Since long waits, slow staff, early closures and even higher priced food are expected at this time, customers are relieved to find a restaurant that offers neither inconvenience.

Restaurants that are usually very busy during the holidays but relatively slow in the months prior should consider restaurant business loans. Programs like a merchant cash advance, revenue based business loan or business line of credit could allow you to hire extra staff or purchase extra inventory in the weeks leading into the holidays so the restaurant is fully prepared by the time the rush begins. You may have noticed an increase in restaurants offering New Year’s Eve specials, like an upscale three course menu accompanied by live music. As rewarding as this night can be, it is only possible if it is marketed sufficiently, and the right small business loan could give you the funds to launch a campaign when potential customers are first starting to think about New Year’s Even plans.


The saying “There’s no place like home for the holidays” does not apply to a surprising amount of people all across the US. In places like Colorado or Vermont, hotels experience a massive influx of skiers during the holidays. Others might fly south to Florida in search of warmer weather. December is always a mob scene in New York, only slowing down after the ball drops in Times Square. Much like going out to dinner rather than staying home, it’s safe to say that it’s become much more acceptable to travel for the holidays and avoid the local chaos that ensues.

Catering to winter guests is expensive because the rooms require more amenities. When shopping for hotels, guests might be looking for unique features like rooms with fireplaces or particularly cozy furniture. This is why companies like United Capital Source offer various business loans designed for periodic upgrades amid fluctuations in revenue. It’s best to make these improvements as soon as possible because they take time and there’s more work to follow. With certain working capital loans, you can begin implementing new features without having to make substantial payments until customers pay for their stays.

Beauty Salons And Spas

This may come as a surprise to some but beauty salons have experienced a steady increase in holidays customers as of late. Though there probably is not a single underlying cause, you can’t forget that the holidays is synonymous with parties. People want to look their best for these occasions. The cold weather also isn’t exactly comforting, which makes the relaxation of a massage or facial much more appealing.

Since beauty salons often struggle with fickle demand or credit issues, they might not be able to obtain the resources needed for meeting a holiday influx of customers. Fortunately, companies like United Capital Source do not view erratic cash flow or bad credit as deal-breakers for approval. We even offer special small business loans for women-owned businesses like beauty salons, which tend to start out with much less working capital than male-owned businesses.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships typically perform the most sales during “end of the year” sales events. Manufacturers tend to increase production at this time, partially because cars will likely always make for great gifts. Dealers are also trying to get unsold inventory off their lots so they can carry less of it into their books for the new year. Some will even go as far as losing money on a deal solely to meet their end of the year sales goals.

Small business loans enter the picture when you don’t just “want” those cars to get sold. You need to get them sold, which might require you to ramp up your marketing and begin other preparatory measures much earlier than usual. Since you probably won’t sell the majority of your lot right away, a working capital loan like a merchant cash advance would likely be a sensible option. You don’t have to be in your peak sales period in order to be approved, and waiting a few months to make the most of your sales will not increase your interest rate or the total amount owed.

It’s important for these four types of businesses to remember that UCS does not only work with businesses that are approaching their busy season. If the holidays are your slow season, we can help you continue growing other elements of your business amid a drop in sales. We’ve found that the biggest rewards are reserved for small businesses that maintain momentum while the rest of their industry is on vacation.

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