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The holiday season presents a number of opportunities for small businesses, and not just in regards to maximizing sales. Local businesses owe a great deal of their success to their connection to the community. The stronger or deeper the connection, the more opportunities they have to grow. Potential leads turn into customers, and one-time customers turn into loyal customers, a.k.a your most trusted salespeople.

When the holidays roll around, the connection local businesses have with their community is up for grabs. Certain marketing or customer retention strategies are more likely to succeed based on your customers’ state of mind. By tapping into the “holiday spirit,” so to speak, you can draw your target market closer to your business on a personal level.

The idea of investing in holiday-geared marketing becomes more attractive as well when you realize how easy it is to create a successful campaign if you just had the necessary resources.


Emotions are running high during the holidays. Your customers want to be with the people they love and will be remembering the positive and negative experienced they have had this past year. Depending on what happened to them, they could be feeling very grateful or very depressed. Most companies will cater to the former group but you have the chance to stand out and imprint yourself in your customers’ memory by catering to the latter. After all, your products or services were designed to help people, so the holidays are your chance to emphasize that your business is a helping hand that is always looking for ways to be more accommodating.


If your business is more for convenience rather than a necessity, you might want to amuse your audience with something unconventional for your industry. Your campaign could feature people who aren’t in your target market. One example would be a company that sells shaving equipment releasing a humorous campaign involving kids or bikers with massive beards. Such advertisements could potentially expand your customer base while showing current customers that they made the right choice in giving their business to such a creative, forward-thinking company.


The purpose of either tactic is to make a statement that customers can tell was given a lot of thought. Odds are, there’s one of two obstacles standing in your way. Either you don’t have someone on your team who knows how to create a campaign or you don’t have the time to devote a decent portion of your work day to marketing. United Capital Source offers unsecured business loans tailored to both obstacles with terms that wouldn’t stop you from making other crucial holiday-geared investments, like purchasing inventory or speeding up productivity.

Credit card processing loans have proven to be highly beneficial for hiring a social engagement specialist or outsourcing digital marketing services as businesses prepare exclusive promotions, bundles, etc. This is largely because you don’t have to make significant payments until those holiday sales start piling up, since your payments are adjusted based on sales volume. If time is the major issue, a working capital loan might be a more appropriate option since you’d still be able to cover business expenses and pay your workers even if your attention isn’t entirely devoted to making more sales.


In addition to your customers, the relationships you have with your business partners are open to becoming stronger. As previously stated, people are more likely to remember how you conduct yourself during the holidays more than other times of the year. In other words, this is your chance to make a lasting impression on your vendors or suppliers by offering convenient terms, paying them ahead of time, or making bulk purchases when their revenue might be slow. The reason we advise using small business loans like merchant cash advances or accounts receivable loans for these purposes is because they are investments that will almost certainly come with incredible rewards.

Accounts receivable factoring allows you to be paid up front for certain outstanding invoices. You could essentially coordinate the signing of a new, big account with the due dates for a supplier. This supplier would then most likely give you a discount as well as a good credit reference. Merchant cash advances are beneficial for business partners as well because they are designed for borrowers looking to bounce back from a slow period. When your revenue is down, there’s a good chance your suppliers are in a similar situation. Your small business loan helps your supplier keep their business running, something they’ll remember when a new product becomes available in the near future.


A bonus that comes with almost any type of small business loan is more time to concentrate on tasks that usually go on the back-burner. A little generosity goes a long way during the holidays, and with more time to spare, you can reach out to your customers and business partners just to show your appreciation for them. If your general goal is to enhance connection, there’s no better way to top this off then with a special email or card. Everybody wants to say “thank you,” but so few have the time.

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