Small Business Loans for Metal Manufacturing

For decades, American manufacturing was moving offshore to countries offering cheaper labor and materials. Yet, the resurgence of metal manufacturing in America in recent years is due to the technology advances, work ethic, and spirit we have here in America.

At United Capital Source, we are excited about “Made in America”. We are proud to provide small business loans to precision sheet metal and precision machining manufacturers in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our country was built on the manufacturing steel industry by entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie, and our finance team is passionate about helping metal manufacturers expand by providing business funding.

United Capital Source worked with a Pittsburgh based metal fabrication company that had one of its machines that bent metal break down while fulfilling a large order. The merchant needed funds to replace that broken equipment. The merchant used the small business loan to purchase a new machine which allowed business to continue with barely a hiccough.

Our financial lenders have experience with manufacturing business loans and understand the processes involved. Be sure to read some of our customer testimonials.

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