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“Collaboration divides the task and multiplies the success”

86% of executives and employees “cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workspace failures.” There is no surefire fix to teams that don’t communicate and collaborate effectively, but if you need some help with your team getting on the same wavelength when it comes to creative and proactive ideas/executions, then here are some tips on making that happen.


Every good proposal has a good, specific, well thought out mission, and the best way to see that mission through from beginning to end before actually doing it is to write out what needs to happen with when it’s supposed to happen. Yes, I’m talking about a timeline.

The timeline is a key tool for communicating with each other on the importance of individual tasks. If you don’t use a timeline, you run the risk of certain tasks or objectives not being taken as seriously as they should be, or even worse, forgetting them all together. Many tasks require other tasks to be completed first, too, so by seeing the whole year right away (or at least the duration of the project) you can prioritize correctly. You can also more effectively balance workloads, as well as be on top of who is working most/least.


When you put your team in a setting that allows for nonjudgmental brainstorming, you will not only be helping everyone get practice actively communicating, but you may get new ideas based on your teams diversity. Different people are comfortable with different levels of communication, so putting people in this sort of situation will make them step out of their comfort zone, and hopefully bring something new to the table. This also will highlight the different sort of life experience these people bring to the table. Life experience is priceless, as you and your team may learn something that would be impossible to learn in a school. There’s a poem called “The Desiderata”, and towards the end it says “Listen to the meek and lame, they too have their story.” Everyone has experience, it’s part of life. And you may be surprised by some of your more introverted employees.

When your team’s communication is in cohesive, established channel, everyone feels included, and this motivates people to do better. It goes without saying, but when everyone is involved in the discussion, everyone is more focused than they would be otherwise. Certain teamwork enhancing apps like Quip and Slack are great to help build company communication. Creating task lists in Google Docs are also a way to improve cohesion among team members. If you don’t have these resources, even a group chat will go a long way.


Social media pages rarely post without using pictures, and this is because people are simply more likely to engage when there is a picture involved. A lot of artists go by the mindset, “show, don’t tell” to get their audiences more interested in their work, and that goes double for people you are working with.

And we’ve all seen this happen: “I have such a great idea! Lets do it!” and then… nothing. Don’t be that guy (or girl!). When people get into the habit of this, it’s a sort of boy who cried wolf mentality, and people will become less and less excited about ideas, and over time, working with you. Set realistic goals, and if you go in, you better go in ready to execute. And if you aren’t ready to execute, especially for financial reasons, then maybe you should talk to one of our specialists at United Capital Source.  Its free, extremely easy, and you can get in touch with us in seconds by checking out our small business section here.

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